Published: 31 july 2012 17:00

Belorussian driver refused entry to Lithuania due to hammer-and-sickle design

Lithuanian border guards have refused entry to a Belorussian citizen's automobile marked with Soviet symbols, the State Border Guard Service informs.
Porsche sporting soviet symbols was refused entry to the country.
VSAT nuotr. / Porsche sporting soviet symbols was refused entry to the country.

According to the press release, the Porsche 996 with Belorussian license plates was subjected to regular examination at Lavoriškės checkpoint on the Belorussian-Lithuanian border in early hours of Tuesday. The border guards noticed a yellow-coloured hammer and sickle, a Communist symbol, on the hood.

Public demonstration of Soviet and Nazi symbols is banned by Lithuanian laws, therefore, the Belorussian citizen was informed he would not be allowed to enter the Lithuanian territory.

The car's owner, who held a valid Belorussian passport and an entry visa, was advised to continue his trip on foot or take a bus. He refused and turned his Porsche 996 back to Belarus a few minutes later.

Public demonstration of Nazi and Communist symbols carries a fine of 500-1,000 litas (EUR 144.9-290) in Lithuania.

The Belorussian citizen was not fined, as he did not enter the Lithuanian territory.

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