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Hitachi vice-president stays confident that new nuclear plant will be built in Lithuania

„Hitachi“ viceprezidentas Masaharu Hanyu
BFL/Tomo Lukšio nuotr. / „Hitachi“ Vice-President Masaharu Hanyu
Šaltinis: BNS

Hitachi Vice-President Masaharu Hanyu says that the Japanese company is confident that a new nuclear power plant will be built in Lithuania, but admits that they were surprised by the Seimas' decision to call a referendum on this issue, the Delfi.lt online news site reports.

"We have no doubts that we will build a nuclear power plant in Lithuania and that it will be constructed using latest technologies, which will be developed taking into consideration observations after the Fukushima accident. We have support from the top management for this project to move forward. Therefore, we have no doubt that it will be implemented," he said.

Hanyu, on a business trip to Lithuania this week, said that Hitachi was somewhat surprised to hear about the Seimas' decision to hold a referendum, given the Lithuanian parliament's earlier stated commitment to develop nuclear energy, but added that the company now focuses on negotiations with partners rather than the referendum.

"On one hand, decisions to develop nuclear energy in Lithuania were taken by the country's parliament and we are surprised that the parliament's decisions need to be taken to a referendum," he said.

Hanyu said that Hitachi and Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia - the regional partners in the Visaginas nuclear power plant project - met this week in a steering committee in Estonia for further talks. He added that the work of the steering committee is not being rushed due to the upcoming general elections in Lithuania and that they expect all issues to be dealt with by the end of this year.

"We'd want this process to go as quickly as possible. Looking optimistically, it could be September or October, but all this depends on the abundance of issues. Practically, meetings are now being held every week. Certainly, there is understanding that elections are going to be held, but the talks are not being rushed because of that. It all must go so as to ensure that no questions are left unanswered. Certainly, we'd want all issues to be resolved in the steering committee before the elections, but we are not setting ourselves such a goal," he said.

Hitachi's vice-president said that Poland's representatives are not taking part in the steering committee's meetings at the moment. "First of all, several companies, that is, the Baltic energy companies and Hitachi, have to agree on the fundamentals. If Poland expressed its wish to participate in the project, everything would be explained to it in detail and then we would wait for its position as to what issues they would like to discuss in the negotiations," he said.

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