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Published: 9 october 2013 14:28

ISM University: Professionals of social sciences and technology will be most sought after in labour market

ISM University president Nerijus Pačėsa and IIT president John L Anderson
ISM nuotr. / ISM University president Nerijus Pačėsa and IIT president John L Anderson

According to the Lithuanian Labour Exchange, the job vacancy rate this year has reached a record high: 30,000 job vacancies are available. It is forecast that with the economic recovery, demand for staff in the country will further increase.

“We have carried out a qualitative analysis of the market that shows that executives and managers at various levels with a solid knowledge of information technology, engineering and technical expertise are currently in the greatest demand and that the number of such job vacancies will continue to grow," Nerijus Pačėsa, President of ISM University, said.

"Very much as today, in five years’ time, professional managers and economists will be in demand, particularly in the rapidly developing construction, manufacturing, industry and IT sectors. For several years now, we have taken part in alarming conversations with business partners who emphasise that among the administrative and executive employees of companies there is a shortage of managers knowledgeable about technology. Employers need specialists who have background in technology, feel the pulse of business, and can be intermediaries between the manufacturing, IT, sales, marketing, and strategic development departments.”

In response to the changing market and demographic situation, ISM University has expanded the selection of study programmes. Together with the prestigious Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT, USA), ISM is developing two new programmes: a bachelor’s programme in Industrial Technology Management and a master’s programme in Information Technology Management to be launched in September 2014.

ISM has developed management and economics courses for the new programmes and the IIT, known for its research traditions and achievements in business innovations, will offer technology management courses.

“We are following the Western approach in the organisation of higher education studies. Business management competences necessary for each employee in the business sector have been supplemented with the knowledge in technology, which is in high demand. We are fortunate that we are doing the technology management part of the programme in partnership with one of the world’s most famous technical institutes, whose graduate is a highly respected person in Lithuania, President Valdas Adamkus,” Dr. Vilius Kontrimas, the Director of the Industrial Technology and IT Management programmes, said.  

Recalling his studies, President Adamkus stressed knowledge from IIT that helped to build a distinguished career in public service with the Federal Government. "I am glad to see cooperation between the Lithuanian higher education institutions and world-renowned universities. IIT has technology-oriented focus and strong traditions in education and research. I believe partnership between ISM and IIT will contribute to enhancing Lithuania’s competitiveness in technology industry on regional and global levels," said President Adamkus.

The new programmes will be taught in English. Students will have to spend some time in the USA or attend online courses from IIT. Graduates will be awarded two diplomas: one from ISM and one from IIT.

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