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Lithuania's central government's debt stands at 38.8 percent of GDP

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The Lithuanian central government's debt stood at 42.851 billion litas (EUR 12.42b) in late July, accounting for 38.8 percent of this year's projected GDP of 110.526 billion litas, the Finance Ministry estimates.

The sector's debt to foreign financial institutions amounted to 31.052 billion litas, debt to the domestic financial sector, to 5.636 billion litas, debt to international organizations, to 4.751 billion litas, debt to other domestic creditors (households and non-profit institutions), to 1.129 billion litas, and debt to the non-financial sector, to 283.5 million litas.

The total long-term debt amounted to 41.636 billion litas, or 97.2 percent of the total debt, and short-term debt, to 1.216 billion litas, or 2.8 percent.

The borrowed funds are being used to finance the public finance deficit and for investments, as well as to balance cash flows.

Deficit at 2.6 percent

The Lithuanian central government's budget deficit reached 2.911 billion litas (EUR 843.77m) in the seven months through July, accounting for 2.6 percent of this year's projected gross domestic product, the Finance Ministry estmates.

In July alone, the deficit came to 225.9 million litas, or 0.2 percent of GDP.

The sector's revenues for the seven months totaled 17.888 billion litas. Expenditures amounted to 20.144 billion litas, and transactions in non-financial assets to 655.2 million litas.

In July, revenues came to 2.705 billion litas, expenditures to 2.802 billion litas, and transactions in non-financial assets to 129.3 million litas.

The central government sector covers the central government budget, social protection funds (including the State Social Insurance Fund (Sodra), the Compulsory Health Insurance Fund and the Employment Fund), and extra-budgetary funds, as well as the Savings Restitution Account, the State Property Fund, the Property Bank and the Agricultural Loan Guarantee Fund's money kept in the state treasury account.

The extra-budgetary funds include the Privatization Fund, the Guarantee Fund, the Reserve (Stabilization) Fund and the Ignalina Nuclear Power Station Decommissioning Fund.

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