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Most Lithuanians live in apartments they own rather than rent

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Eighty-eight percent of the Lithuanian population own a house or a flat where they live and the remaining 12 percent rent, according to a survey released by Swedbank, one of the country's largest banks.

As much as 96 percent of the population would want to live in their own property and those who rent a house or a flat see it as a temporary arrangement.

"The Lithuanian population's attitude on this issue differs very much from that of Western Europeans, to whom  renting is a way of life," Jūratė Gumuliauskienė, the director of Swedbank's Financing Department, said in a press release.

Lithuania also stands out in that a much higher proportion of its population live in properties they purchased with their own funds, as opposed to taking out mortgagesy, she says.

According to data from the EU statistics office Eurostat, 85.3 percent of Lithuanians have purchased their dwelling using their own funds, the second-highest rate in the EU after Romania's 96.9 percent. The average rate in the EU is only 42.9 percent.

In late March, Spinter Tyrimai surveyed 1,007 people in Lithuania aged between 18 and 75 years.

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