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Published: 27 april 2012 11:08

Polish truckers block key border crossing to Lithuania

Graikijoje protestuoja ūkininkai.
Graikijoje protestuoja ūkininkai.

Polish truckers, protesting over international road haulage permit issuance rules, blocked the Kalvarija-Budzisko crossing point on the border with Lithuania on Thursday.

Kilometer-long lines of trucks began to form, on both sides of the border, on what is a key road linking Lithuania to Poland.

Polish haulers started the protest at around 1 PM on Thursday by blocking the road on the Polish side of the Kalvarija-Budzisko border crossing.

Poles say that Russian haulers abuse their permits by transitting Poland and that Polish haulers are having problems after Russia has tightened the permit issuance procedures.

Polish police were monitoring the protest, but had taken no action.

Giedrius Misutis of the Lithuanian State Border Guard Service told 15min.lt that the protest had disrupted traffic at the crossing point, as passenger cars were allowed to go through, but trucks had to stop at the border.

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