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Study describes Lithuanian investors as pessimists who make many mistakes

„Reuters“/„Scanpix“ nuotr. / Birža
Šaltinis: BNS

Lithuanian investors are pessimists who make many mistakes that experienced professionals would never make, reveals a study by the investment management company Synergy Finance.

Almost half – 42.1 percent – of Lithuanian investors do not have an investment strategy, which is usual for experienced investors, the Verslo Žinios business daily reports.

Still, 57.7 percent of investors do have a strategy, which guides them in deciding what to buy, how much, and when.

Key reference points when making investment decisions include recommendations by family or friends (the source used by 11.2 percent of investors) or information found in secondary sources, i.e. the media (13.7 percent), the study shows. Lithuanian investors are mostly pessimistic with merely 14.4 percent of them saying that results of their personal investments are good. Some 53.7 percent give average marks to the performance of their investments and 30.7 percent judge them negatively.

“There are more signs of pessimism. For example, 16.7 percent believe that the growth of portfolio is mostly triggered by their investment skills and 35.8 percent, i.e. twice as much, link a decline in portfolio with insufficiency of their investment skills,” Lukas Macijauskas, a fund manager at Synergy Finance, told the daily.

The study of Synergy Finance, which involved 426 respondents from Lithuania’s largest cities, took more than four months to carry out.

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