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Published 2013 04 29, 14:08

Faina Kukliansky elected to head Lithuania's Jewish Community

Faina Kukliansky has been elected to chair the Lithuanian Jewish Community. Kukliansky, a lawyer who headed the community on a temporary basis until now, will replace Simonas Alperavičius, 84, who was the community's chairman since 1992.
Faina Kukliansky
Faina Kukliansky / Šarūno Mažeikos/BFL nuotr.
Temos: 1 Faina Kukliansky

Kuklinasky told BNS on Monday that the Jewish Community would keep its focus on preservation of Jewish identity and heritage. She pledged to step up relations with Jews of Lithuanian origin who currently live abroad.

"We would want the Litvaks living in other countries to maintain closer relations with the Lithuanian community," Kukliansky told BNS.

At the annual conference on Sunday, the Lithuanian Jewish Community elected MEP Leonidas Donskis, Masa Grodnikienė, and Artūras Taicas as vice-chairpersons of the community.

In Kuklansky's words, the Jewish community in Lithuania currently includes about 5,000 members. About 90 percent of Lithuania's pre-War Jewish population of over 200,000 were annihilated during World War Two.

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