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International Film Festival "Kino pavasaris" opens in Vilnius

Festivalio „Kino pavasaris“ uždarymo akimirka
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Festivalio „Kino pavasaris“ uždarymo akimirka
Šaltinis: 15min

On 15 March, the 17th edition of the International Film Festival “Kino Pavasaris” ("Cinema Spring") will begin in Lithuania’s capital Vilnius, with its main competition program, “New Europe – New Names,” focused on fare from Central and Eastern Europe.

Among the highlights of the program are Izlet (A Trip) by Slovenian director Nejc Gazvoda, Serbia’s Montevideo, bog te video: Prica prva (Montevideo, God Bless You), directed by Dragan Bjelogrlić, the Romanian/Hungarian co-production Din dragoste cu cele mai bune intentii (Best Intentions), directed by Adrian Sitaru, and the Slovak movie Viditelny svet (Visible World), directed by Peter Krištúfek. The jury, which consists of Russian director and cinematographer Pavel Kostomarov, Swedish writer and film critic Jan Lumholdt, Latvian director Maris Martinsons, Cuban actress/writer/director Mirtha Ibarra and Macedonian actress and producer Labina Mitevska, is to announce the winners at the closing ceremony on March 29.

The festival will also feature a best debut contest, a competition of short films, a documentary competition and the non-competition program “Horizons,” featuring movies from all over the globe, most of which have already done well on the festival circuit. Among the fest’s main events are also a series of premiers of Lithuanian films, a program of U.S. independent movies and the program “Femme Fatale In European Cinema” and the VIASAT Comedy Festival.

Irmanto Gelūno/15min.lt nuotr./Organizers of "Kino pavasaris" Algirdas Ramaaka and Vida Ramaakienė
Irmanto Gelūno/15min.lt nuotr./Organizers of "Kino pavasaris" Algirdas Ramaška and Vida Ramaškienė


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