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Published: 30 april 2012 13:09

Lithuanians ambivalent about their country's EU membership

Šarūno Mažeikos/BFL nuotr. / Lithuania joined the European Union eight years ago.

The majority of residents in Lithuania's biggest cities indicate positive and negative aspects of the country's membership in the European Union (EU), shows a poll published in the Veidas weekly magazine.

Asked whether they were happy with Lithuania being a member of the EU, more than half – 52.8 percent – replied "yes and no, because I see pros and many cons."

More than a fourth – 28.8 percent – said they were happy with the membership, and 18.4 percent said they were not happy about it.

Asked to specify what they needed to become truly European, the bulk of respondents (43.8 percent) said the country should have higher standards of living and less poverty.

Another 19.6 percent said they would need more money, better housing and a newer car, 17.4 percent said corruption and bureaucracy levels should be lower and control of state governance should be tightened. Further 10.4 percent of those polled said people should be nicer to each other.

Some 7 percent said they felt true Europeans.

The poll of 500 residents of Lithuania's largest cities was carried out by market research and consultancy company Prime Consulting on 10-11 April.

Lithuania joined the European Union eight years ago, on 1 May 2004.

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