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Published: 6 august 2012 08:55

Wrestler Aleksandras Kazakevičius: Olympic medal gives meaning to my entire sports career

Aleksandras Kazakevičius
Fotodiena.t/Roberto Dačkaus nuotr. / Aleksandras Kazakevičius

Swollen eyebrow, exhaustion, sweat - and yet Lithuanian wrestler Aleksandras Kazakevičius seemed very happy after winning a match on Sunday and earning Olympic bronze.

Kazakevičius, 26, beat Dane Mark Overgaard Madsen on Sunday and won third place in the men's Greco-Roman wrestling 74kg at London Olympics.

- What does the medal mean for you?

- It gives meaning to my entire sports career. What I achieved today shows that I haven't been working for nothing, dedicating all my energy to this. Climbing onto the podium and being given the medal must be the greatest pleasure imaginable. I'm glad it's a second medal for Lithuania. I'm very proud of it.

- Whom would you like to thank most for it?

- Many people. First of all, my parents who introduced me to this sport, then my coaches, doctors. Everyone who was nearby, invested in me. I think I've fulfilled their expectations.

- Was it a tough fight?

- All fights are tough. It cost me a lot of effort and health. But I've stood up and achieved great results.

- Was the match made easier by the fact that you've already beaten the Dane last December?

- I've brought a recording of that fight. I went through it again right before the bronze match. Back then, it took three periods to win, and now I did it in two. It certainly wasn't easy. He is a good and fierce rival.

- But you were convinced with your victory - you said you'd win a medal even before the semi-finals.

- I did. But the ring is round, like a basketball, so anything can happen. A second can change everything.

- Was the cut in the right eyebrow a big nuisance?

- It was, I could only see with one eye. It appears, however, I can see pretty well with one eye.

- Were you nervous before the match?

- Yes. Yesterday, when I saw the draw, I wasn't nervous at all, I spent the evening at my computer, did some other stuff. I wasn't thinking about wrestling at all. But this morning, during breakfast, it got to me, I was very tense.

- How are you going to celebrate?

- I'll stay in London for a while - I'm coming back to Lithuania on 13 August. We'll celebrate the way everyone does. By raising a glass of wine.

- You'll also be 100 thousand litas richer.

- Well, not that much richer, rents are high these days and everything else is expensive. It is, of course, nice to be rewarded by your country.

- Did you know that the organizers predicted you'd lose your first fight?

- Yes. We looked at betting odds in training camp in Poland and saw that they were most pessimistic about my chances. My coach and I joked that we must upturn the odds, it would have been fairer.

- What were you thinking before leaving for London?

- We went to fight. 19 rivals, all of them strong. A great many powerful wrestlers didn't get to climb on the Olympic podium. It is my day and I did it!

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