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Published: 21 september 2020 17:41

A new type of legal service to be provided in Lithuania

Laimonas Skibarka
Asmeninio arch. nuotr. / Laimonas Skibarka

With the demand for flexible legal services on the rise, the law firm Sorainen will begin to offer on-demand lawyer service, which has gained popularity around the world. It is one of the first major legal service providers in Lithuania to offer this solution.

The innovative service will be oriented toward both large companies’ legal departments and to rapidly growing companies, which seek to establish themselves and strengthen their legal functions.

A qualitative market study performed by Sorainen has revealed that companies are seeking flexible solutions, which would help manage temporarily increased legal workloads. On-demand lawyers can be employed when companies are reacting to rapidly changing circumstances, when implementing large projects or when expanding, as well as when companies’ attorneys depart for childcare, or other long-term leave.

Allowing purposeful management of time and financial resources

By using the on-demand lawyer service, companies will be able to draw extra help as soon as it is needed and will be able to relinquish it just as smoothly. This will allow time and financial resources to be saved – companies will avoid employment and project initiation processes, which last a long time, and also ensure that services are used only so long as they are necessary.

Clients choosing this solution will be offered attorneys with experience in the relevant area of law who are familiar with the appropriate business sector and have strong project management skills. The fixed service pricing will facilitate the planning and implementation of expected budgets for clients. Furthermore, on-demand lawyers will operate based on Sorainen’s ethics principles and will be obliged to adhere to confidentiality and risk management guidelines, ensuring clients’ trust.

“We are increasingly observing that our clients’ needs go beyond traditionally offered law firm services. Thorough discussions with our clients, the desire to contribute to their success by proposing solutions exactly in line with their needs, as well as market trend analysis, have encouraged us to propose this flexible service – starting with the Lithuanian market.

Our experience shows that it usually takes longer to employ a new attorney than to implement a specific project, which needs legal support and, furthermore, competent candidates are uninclined to take on short-term projects. The new service will fill this niche. Also, it can be expected that remote work will lead to further increases in demand for such a flexible solution, both among clients and among attorneys,” Sorainen managing partner Laimonas Skibarka says.

Starting in Lithuania

The on-demand lawyer service will be adapted to every company’s individual needs – clients will be able to set the desired workload for the attorney and decide whether they will work on the company’s premises or remotely. The client will also be able to decide for what period the extra assistance will be necessary. In consideration of expected tasks and projects, an on-demand attorney who best fits the company’s needs will be selected and the law firm will organise a preliminary meeting with the client.

The preparation of an attorney will take two weeks on average. It is planned that the first ad-hoc lawyers will begin offering their services as early as October. While for now this service will only be offered on the Lithuanian market, it is planned to be developed in Latvia and Estonia as well.

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