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Published: 3 may 2021 16:57

Utenos Trikotažas board to be headed by D. Tamoševičienė, independent members joining

Dovilė Tamoševičienė
Dovilė Tamoševičienė

The shareholders meeting for the SBA Group’s Utenos Trikotažas approved a new composition of the company’s board. Dovilė Tamoševičienė, who has vast international experience in finance management and is also the SBA Group’s business control director, was elected as the board chairwoman. The board was also expanded with two independent members.

“Utenos Trikotažas is beginning a new and vigorous stage. Our main goals are to become a leading company of innovative and sustainable manufacturing, which surpasses the competition in its promptness, flexibility, and sustainable approach to manufacturing. In order to implement this strategy and continue growing on the global markets, we have expanded the board with two experienced independent digitalisation, manufacturing and marketing professionals who work in international companies. We are ready to move forward fast,” the company’s new board chairwoman Dovilė Tamoševičienė says.

Nortautas Luopas and Artūras Užgalis became independent board members for the company.

N. Luopas holds long years of leadership experience in various positions in international companies. He worked at Philip Morris Baltic and Philip Morris International for eighteen years and led sales, marketing, commerce, digital infrastructure, planning. For the past two years, he has been the head of Private Clients and Digitalisation and Analytics for Telia.

Nortautas Luopas
Nortautas Luopas

The other independent board member, A. Užgalis, has worked at various Lithuanian companies, working in Vilniaus Degtinė AB, which is owned by the French Group Marie Brizard Wine & Spirits. He was the head of the production in the company and is currently working as Industrial Director and the Head of the Obeliai Distillery.

Other than these independent members, the Utenos Trikotažas board is also joined by the SBA Group’s head of personnel Auksė Žukauskienė and the SBA Group’s business risk director Vytautas Vaškys.

Artūras Užgalis
Artūras Užgalis

SBA Group’s company Utenos Trikotažas is the largest and one of the most modern knitwear manufacturers in Central and Eastern Europe. Utenos Trikotažas is the first and, so far, the only company in the world to comply with Greenpeace textile procurement standards. The company Utenos Trikotažas currently owns the Utenos and About retail brands. The Utenos Trikotažas group of companies also comprises Šatrija and Mrija (Ukraine). The major shareholder of Utenos Trikotažas is SBA group, which owns 92.31 per cent shares of the company.

SBA is one of the largest Lithuanian business groups. It operates in the real estate, textile and furniture sectors. The furniture sector is comprised of the manufacturer Kauno Baldai and the SBA Home, which manages six furniture producers – Klaipėdos Baldai, Šilutės Baldai, Germanika, Visagino Linija, Mebelain, Laminn and logistics centre Innovo Logistika, operating at the SBA Industrial Innovation Park. SBA also owns the real estate innovation company SBA Urban, which is developing the Green Hall business valley in the Lithuanian capital Vilnius and the BLC business centre in Kaunas. SBA also owns the investment management company Capitalica Asset Management, which manages the Kaunas-based business centre Kauno Dokas, Vilnius’ 135, and develops the modern NZEB office complex Verde in Riga. SBA also manages the robotics and automation solution company Robotex.

Furthermore, SBA founded SBA Modular, a company that aims to produce modular and sustainable multi-story buildings. The group’s companies employ close to 5,000 employees. The SBA Group companies export their production to 50 countries globally.

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