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Published: 25 february 2013 08:44

Most Lithuanians disapprove of March 11 nationalist rallies, poll shows

Kovo 11-osios eitynėse
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Kovo 11-osios eitynėse

The majority of Lithuanian citizens disapprove of the nationalist rallies held in central Vilnius on March 11 each year, shows a survey published in news portal.

Asked whether they supported the nationalist rallies held on Gedimino Avenue in the Lithuanian capital on March 11, 18.4 percent of respondents said “yes”, 44.5 percent said “no”, 23.1 percent said they hadn't heard about them, and 11.8 percent did not give an opinion on the matter.

Spinter Tyrimai (Spinter Surveys) polling company interviewed 1,004 respondents between 18 and 75 on January 17-28.

This year, Vilnius administration issued a permit for the rally on Upės Street rather than the central Gedimino Avenue, saying the avenue would be occupied by other events. The decision has been taken to court.

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