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Published: 13 march 2012 16:25

New political parties rush to register with Justice Ministry before general election

Kristina Brazauskienė
Juliaus Kalinsko / 15min nuotr. / Former President's widow Kristina Brazauskienė is setting up a political party
Lithuania's Ministry of Justice has allowed registering the Courage Path party, established by supporters of Drąsius Kedys, central figure of the so-called pedophilia scandal. Meanwhile founding documents of the parties of Russian businessman Vladimir Romanov and President Brazauskas' widow Kristina Brazauskienė are still under review, the ministry said on Tuesday.

"Today we sent out the answer that the Courage Path political party's documents are in order. The party still has to be registered at the Register of Legal Entities," Vaida Vincevičiūtė, adviser to the justice minister, told BNS.

The Courage Path Party is based on a movement that started following the so-called pedophilia scandal that shook the country in late 2009, when Drąsius Kedys, businessman from Garliava, shot two people who allegedly molested his daughter. Kedys himself was later found dead.

New parties will be able to take part in the upcoming general elections if they are officially registered at least 65 days before the set election date. If the upcoming general election is not put forward, the deadline for registering new parties is 9 August.

According to Vincevičiūtė, at the moment the Ministry is still examining documents submitted by the Democratic Labor and Unity Party, led by Brazauskienė, as well as the Emigrants' Party and the party of Lithuanian People, founded by Ūkio Bankas majority shareholder Vladimir Romanov. Romanov's party was the last to submit its founding documents, only last Friday.

Out of 40 registered political parties in Lithuania, 28 submitted their members' signatures by 1 March and will have the right to take part in the general election in the middle of October.

On Monday, Speaker of the Seimas Irena Degutienė called on holding early general election, saying that disagreements that followed the dismissal of two top officials of the Financial Crime Investigation Service would undermine the parliament's performance. Opposition parties said on Tuesday they would back the motion to call early election.

Polls from last week have shown that the Social Democratic Party would get 16 percent of the vote, if general election was held soon, followed by the Labor Party (14), the Homeland Union–Lithuanian Christian Democrats (9) and the Order and Justice Party (8).

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