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Published 2021 11 05, 15:15

How to choose a dental implant doctor?

Tooth loss is a serious health problem, and a study has revealed that half of Lithuanians are missing one or more teeth. When faced with this problem, people look for a reliable dentist, but most of them base their decisions on recommendations of friends rather than the doctor’s experience or expertise.
Marius Bučinskas at the clinic
Marius Bučinskas at the clinic

In a public survey commissioned by the Dantų Harmonija dental clinic, when dental implants are needed to replace lost teeth, 35 per cent of the respondents rely on the recommendations of friends and acquaintances. According to dental implant doctor Marius Bučinskas, the opinion of your friends should not be the only factor when choosing a dentist for dental restoration.

The tooth is extracted – then what?

According to Dr Bučinskas, when people have a tooth pulled, it is not uncommon for them to get used to it once they leave the dentist’s office and then continue on living without the tooth. However, it is important to know that when you lose a tooth, the adjacent teeth try to compensate for it, which leads to their functionality being impaired and the load increasing, and the teeth begin to move out of their place. As a result, there is a risk of losing more teeth.

“When an incurable tooth has to be pulled, the dentist should acquaint the patient with further treatment options and they should agree on a treatment plan together. It is especially important for a person to be without the tooth for as short a time as possible. The best and most modern practice is when the tooth is extracted and the dental implant is screwed in during the same visit, so the patient leaves with the tooth on the same day. These are called immediate implants,” says the specialist.

How many visits do you need to restore a tooth?

Time is the most valuable currency, especially when it comes to health. When choosing an implantologist, you can ask how many visits will be needed to restore the tooth and how long the treatment will take to achieve the final result.

Marius Bučinskas
Marius Bučinskas

According to Dr Bučinskas, the process takes longer when the clinic does not have the necessary diagnostic equipment, so the patient has to go somewhere else for x-rays or tests, and then come back with the results to consult further. However, if the clinic has the necessary equipment, as few as two visits may be enough. The first is needed for consultation and diagnostics, and surgery can be planned during this visit after discussing the treatment plan.

How long the entire treatment takes depends on the method chosen. In the case of immediate implants, the permanent tooth is placed three months after the implant is screwed on. In the case that the tooth is extracted and the dental implant is only placed once it has healed, the treatment will take six months or more.

Price – only in writing

The Dantų Harmonija dental implant doctor says that you cannot call a clinic to determine the final price of tooth restoration.

“Only after performing diagnostics, examining the patient and assessing possible complications can the doctor tell the patient exactly how much the treatment will cost. An experienced and professional implantologist must anticipate all scenarios and provide the patient with a treatment plan and pricing in writing. This is the only way to avoid unpleasant surprises,” advises Dr Bučinskas.

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