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Published: 31 march 2021 15:14

Eurovaistinė vaccinates 50 adults per day

Eurovaistinė / Jovita Juodsnukytė
Having begun offering vaccinations from tick-borne encephalitis, Wellbeing Clinic specialists for pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė note that every day, interest in the service continues to grow, and the company’s board chairman Laimonas Devyžis says that they are now considering opening at least another ten vaccination locations.

Eurovaistinė pharmacists are the only ones in Lithuania so far to offer vaccinations, and they say that in the eight Wellbeing Clinics have been vaccinated 50 people per day against tick-borne encephalitis. The most popular vaccination location was the Eurovaistinė found in the capital’s Akropolis shopping centre, and Jovita Juodsnukytė, a pharmacist working at this branch, says that clients often go with their adult family members.

“I would rate our launch very positively. We vaccinated four on the first day, ten on the next, and a further 22 customers on one weekend. Over this particular weekend, the service was chosen by the most Eurovaistinė clients, and there was only one time slot left vacant. We have noted a trend where our clients find the morning or afternoon to be most convenient,” she explains.

Typically, vaccinations are done by those who are getting inoculated against tick-borne encephalitis for the first time, but there are also cases where it is a customer’s third or fourth vaccination.

“There were cases where we could not vaccinate a person at the pharmacy because in one case, the client had recently been vaccinated for COVID-19, while another had previously been vaccinated with another company’s vaccine. If, when talking to the client, it turns out that they cannot recall when a vaccination was done or if after the third vaccination more than five years have passed, we ask them to take an antibody test,” says the vaccination pharmacist.

To register for vaccinations, clients call on the free-of-charge phone line 880050005 or inquire at the pharmacies.

Working hours for the vaccination services:

  • Ozo g. 25, Vilnius I-VII 10-19h
  • Gedimino pr. 18, Vilnius, I-V 9-18h, VI- 10-17h
  • Ukmergės g. 282, Vilnius I-V 10-19h, VI-VII 10-17h
  • Savanorių pr. 255, Kaunas I-VII 10-19h
  • Karaliaus Mindaugo pr. 49-1, Kaunas I-VII 10-19h
  • Taikos pr. 61, Klaipėda. I-V 9-20h, VI-VII 9-17h
  • Tilžės g. 44, Šiauliai I-V 10-17h
  • Ukmergės g. 23, Panevėžys I-V 9-19h, VI 10-16h

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