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Published: 8 april 2020 15:04

It’s time to empower and connect (purposefully)

Darbas iš namų nuotr. / Work from home

As Yuval Noah Harari underlined few weeks ago – circumstances the virus has created will ask us a tough decision – are we moving towards collaboration and empowerment of people and communities or isolation and distrust. It would seem the question is relevant at macro level only. Yet it couldn't be further from the truth. Each organization is it’s own micro-cosm and connects to other organizations creating a network which defines the well-being of us all.

The virus will pass. The familiar everydayness will come back. Nevertheless, the perspective has to change. Every organization has to realize its machinery inner-workings because the people who are running it are also on the ground, not just the few at the top. How does it sound in practice? Simple.

We honour our people with tools, not tests. The common practice in majority of organizations is to examine people beforehand to see how prepared they are for their duties. It happens quick and easy. Nevertheless, Steve Glaveski pin points in his Harvard Business Review article that 75% of all new information learned is forgotten after just 6 days if not applied. And majority of new information is not applied that quick. In other words, employee decisions in most of the cases come from what they know, not what the company best practice is. The quality falls. Consequences are clear. What to do? There is a clear need to equip people with appropriate tools to act better. The notion of knowing where to find answers and not learn everything by heart has been here for a while. It is very important to remember it in the current mobile work environment.

Knowledge for all, not only for the top. A lot of innovative solutions are being created for the executive suite. They are the main decision makers; hence they have to be enabled. Yet the work that defines an organization is done on the ground. These team members are the face of the companies and the quality standard clients experience every day. That is why they have to be empowered with great solutions to keep (or even lift) the bar higher. If they do not have the tools to tackle the problems, in customers eyes - executives do not have them too.

It is crucial to diminish communication noise. Currently organizations are trying to have all of their smart tools in one platform. To connect all somehow. However, the underlying problem behind this notion is the insanely loud communication noise. Emails, variety of messaging apps, hundreds of chat-channels, calls etc. In most cases the objective is to inform, update and provide the answers. This pattern should be the North Star when deciding what solutions to use and how. Only then people will connect and act, not just surf through the perpetual list of noise.

We encourage every organization to find their tune with the tools best fitted to empower and connect, not just merely make it work. This perspective will help us move sustainably. And it does not matter if it is our solution ( or other tools that do the magic.

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