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Published: 17 february 2020 13:06

Medical novelties and advice on successful business management in the largest Baltic States’ veterinary congress

KG Vet Congress 2020
KG Vet Congress 2020

The largest veterinary congress in the Baltic States, Vet Congress 2020, will be held on March 14. The event is now being organised for the fourth time and participants can expect 40 reports, which will be read by lecturers recognised not only in Europe, but across the world from the United States, Denmark, Belgium Lithuania and other countries. AB Kauno Grūdai, which is organising the congress, has set out to traditionally present veterinary medicine novelties from the small animals, cattle, pork, poultry and mixed sectors. The programme has also been supplemented with a new – business – sector, which, according to the organisers, should draw not only veterinary pharmacy specialists, but also representatives of other businesses, who seek to find out more about new generation clients and successful business management.

“We have been developing a veterinary pharmacy business for more than a decade. From the very beginning our goal was not just quality services – we have a broader view of this business. Our specialists are constantly monitoring the news, looking into novelties, analysing problems and seeking solutions, which would benefit not only our direct clients, but also all the sector’s participants. We dedicate much attention to increasing veterinarians’ competences, which is why we started to organise the Baltic States’ largest veterinary congress to which we invite recognised exports to share their knowledge,” the board chairman of KG Group, which owns AB Kauno Grūdai, Tautvydas Barštys said.

World level presenters

“We are glad that every year we draw high level experts to the congress, ones known not only in Europe, but the whole world. This year, 26 professionals in their areas from 11 different countries will read reports in the congress. The participants will be from the USA, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Greece, Russia, Lithuania and other countries,” Kauno Grūdai veterinary pharmacy business head Dalia Šermukšnienė presented the congress.

Among the presenters at the congress will be veterinarian, member of the European Veterinary Dental Society from Greece Ana Nemec, who will talk about dental and oral diseases often found in small animals, as well as tooth removal indications and techniques. Also among the presenters is dr. Sigitas Čižinauskas, who drew the largest audience in the congress two years ago, and who will this year present the most frequent diseases in small animals, their diagnostics and treatment.

Kauno Grūdai veterinary pharmacy business head D. Šermukšnienė reveals that when organising the congress, there is careful analysis of what topics to offer its participants. “Our goal is to offer relevant information, which is most needed here and now, information you can’t find online and can only find out from specialists, who have delved into it the most and are practically working on it,” D. Šermukšnienė says.

She notes that novelties, problems are directly mentioned by clients themselves when interacting every day. According to D. Šermukšnienė, this allows to focus the congress’ topics in a way where the reports would answer questions arising for clients and would contribute to solving the problems they face.

“In the pork sector, we will touch upon, you could say the most painful topic – African swine fever. Dr. Konstantin Popov from Russia will present what effective measures to take, which would help guard from this virus. Also, many are solving productivity questions. Once again, we sought presenters, who have made new discoveries from their practice,” the Kauno Grūdai representative explained. She noted that in total, the congress’ participants can expect an entire 40 talks.

Newcomer – the business sector

According to the Kauno Grūdai veterinary pharmacy business head D. Šermukšnienė, a unique feature of this year’s congress is the business sector, where there will be talks on not only veterinary medicine novelties, but also topics oriented toward successful sales, communication with clients.

“Some may be surprised, why discussions are held in a veterinary congress about business success, emotional intellect and communication with clients. Nevertheless, veterinary pharmacy includes massive work with clients. From our experience, we can see that it is not enough to come to the client and offer medication. You must have good familiarity of your client: understand their needs, problems and overall it is almost mandatory to know, what today’s client needs. Successful work with clients is what leads to business success. We seek a holistic expansion of competences and thus do not limit ourselves to novelties in veterinary pharmacy,” AB Kauno Grūdai head of veterinary pharmacy business D. Šermukšnienė says.

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