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Published: 22 may 2020 12:07

The future of the construction industry – contactless repairs

Remontas nuotr. / At the construction

With the quarantine reshuffling people’s priorities, not only the retail sector has been seeking ways to adapt to the changed habits of their clients, but also construction contractors. The repair or fitting process involves a wide range of people – starting with the contractor, ranging all the way to designers, work managers and craftsmen.

Much contact is needed, several people work at one object at once. However, complex repair work is already being organised without contact and it appears this will become a common phenomenon in the future.

Increasingly popular in Lithuania

The construction and repair works company UAB Regina ir Co has for a time now been performing contactless repairs, which, according to the company’s head, have become particularly pertinent during the lockdown. The company head Vaidas Misius says that contactless repairs not only ensure all security requirements are fulfilled, but also ease conditions for the customers as well: “For a time now, we have been performing repair works while avoiding direct contact. We adhere to all security requirements and also save a great deal of time for the customer themselves. Everything is truly simple. The client need only leave their keys with us and the rest of the work is performed by us. We implement the projects prepared by both the architect and the designer, as well as coordinate interior details individually – household and electronic equipment, furniture, textiles, décor elements, we arrange everything remotely in a way that is convenient for the client. All the designer and specialist consultations, the resolution of technical questions is performed without direct contact,” V. Misius also does not dismiss the possibility that not only private, but also commercial premises will be fitted this way.

An affordable service

While contactless repairs sound like an expensive service, the head of UAB Regina ir Co reassures that it is absolutely affordable. “Over more than ten years of work, we have fitted and repair the most varied premises – both commercial purpose and retail centres, public spaces and churches, we even painted the Hill of Three Crosses! But this also includes over a hundred private objects – new and old construction flats, houses and homesteads. We do not make a distinction between small and large clients and repairs will always be a complex process, regardless of whether it is a big or small project, all repair works must be performed while adapting to the customer and forming all possible conditions to safely accomplish it. It must be understood that contactless repairs will become an absolute standard, thus it is definitely an affordable service,” V. Misius says.

UAB Regina ir Co is a construction and repair works company, which has provided quality construction and repair services for over twenty years. The company has fitted more than 1,000 private and commercial objects across Lithuania, Latvia and Belarus, renovated over 50 public purpose objects. The company’s long-term experience has allowed assembling brigades of professional craftsmen. The same level of careful attention and quick completion is afforded to both large and small contracts, with all of it being offered high-level post-repair maintenance.


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