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Aspiring politician Vladimir Romanov commends Putin's victory, lashing out at Lithuanian experts and Hillary Clinton

Vladimiras Romanovas
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Vladimiras Romanovas
Šaltinis: BNS

Vladimir Romanov, majority shareholder of Lithuania's Ūkio Bankas, who is setting up his political party, praised Vladimir Putin, winner of the Russian presidential elections, and condemned Lithuania and the United State's stance on the elections.

In a commentary published by the news website diena.lt, Romanov said that Putin's "victory is especially convincing in the context of organized provocation of such massive extent and lies about unfair elections."

"Even Hillary Clinton, who was cheated by her husband, the former United States president who humiliated her with his infidelity, was brought into play. They should have also invited Monica Lewinsky. The two women would have looked more attractively as a pair, drawing more compassion for being seduced and dumped," Romanov writes.

"It's a shame for Lithuania where local experts mimicked this show like marionettes, spitting around like a little dog on the back of an elephant and caused huge economic damage for Lithuania. They seem to have hoped that the master would notice their enthusiasm," the Russian businessman said.

Romanov, who started establishing his political party last month, also attecked the Western press for criticizing Moscow and said that, despite provocations, the elections united Russia.

"Putin and Medvedev's tandem pushed to the wall masters of modern colonization from the states whose information space is in the hands of the "free press" monopoly. "Independent" political scientists and fighters do not disappear from the pages of this press, with Western intelligence special services behind their backs," the businessman writes.

"Provocations gave the opposite result for their organizers. Russia came out united and proved that in any case during the upcoming 6 years the country will manage to avoid things that are happening in Africa and "free" Europe," Romanov said, adding that today Russia is ruled by "the tandem of two of its leaders who are rebuilding the country after another "democratic" lawless revolution.

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