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Emanuelis Zingeris: Existing sanctions against Belorussian regime are insufficient

Emanuelis Zingeris
Andriaus Ufarto/BFL nuotr. / Emanuelis Zingeris
Šaltinis: BNS

Chairman of the Lithuanian parliamentary Committee on Foreign Affairs, Emanuelis Zingeris, called existing sanctions against the Belarusian regime insufficient. The comment followed developments in Belarus, when leader of the opposition United Civil Party of Belarus, Anatoly Lebedko, was banned from leaving the country, and his wife Svetlana was arrested as she arrived from Lithuania.

"Witnessing such actions by the Belorussian ruling regime, I inevitably get the impression that the President and his ruling regime want to turn the country into a new Gulag camp in the heart of Europe for those think differently," Zingeris was quoted in a statement by the Lithuanian parliament's Public Relations Unit.

In Zingeris opinion, the common task of the European Union as a community of democratic states and Lithuania as a neighbor of Belarus is to help the country's democratic opposition make "it's voice heard by providing information alternative to propaganda of ruling regime, which is heard in both the democratic world and Belarus itself."

"Yes, I believe existing sanctions against the Belorussian regime are insufficient," the chairman of the Committee on Foreign Affairs said.

Leader of the opposition United Civil Party of Belarus, Lebedko, was barred from travelling to Lithuania on Wednesday. He said border guards at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border told him: "The computer shows that you are banned from leaving Belarus."

In a separate incident, Vice-Chairman of the United Civil Party of Belarus, Alexander Dobrovolsky, was disembarked from a Vilnius-Minsk train at the Lithuanian-Belarusian border on Wednesday, Lebedko said, cited by the news website chartia'97.org.

Moreover, Lebedko's wife Svetlana was also detained at the border arriving from Lithuania. The website said she was searched for several hours.

The EU has recently recalled all ambassadors from Belarus in response to Minsk's decision to send two ambassadors out in revenge for imposed new sanctions for human rights violations.

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