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Top Gear shooting in Lecce - Italy

2017-04-21 11:18
On the 29th of October, the beautiful city of Lecce hosted the crew of BBC's "Top Gear" car show. The fact that they were shooting in Lecce was supposed to stay a secret but the news somehow made it to some websites and newspapers, so a crowd of ~30 people gathered between 8:00 and 9:30 to see what happens behind the scenes. After shooting in Lecce, they reportedly moved to the Proving Ground of Nardò, Europe's longest circular track. I must say that Jeremy has a really deep and powerful voice, he could be heard in every point of the square! I'm probably going to be featured in the final version of the film, 'cause Jeremy asked me (and later, the rest of the public) which car I liked most. I answered "The Lamborghini, definitely", not that boring all-engineering-no-soul McLaren... :P No one raised their hands for the Noble, not even when Jeremy pointed out that they're built in Leicester. The cars are a Lamborghini Aventador (driven by Jeremy), a McLaren MP4-12C (driven by James) and a Noble M600 (driven by Richard). The author of this video is not affiliated with BBC or Top Gear.
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