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KARKLĖ – Live Music Beach 2014 Aerial footage

2017-04-21 11:12
Many thanks to: Karklė - www.karkle.com Penki TV - www.penki.tv About festival: Karklė 2014 Live Music Beach is the biggest international music and arts festival in Lithuania, which takes place on the beach, in the setting of breathtaking dunes and magic nature. Date of the 5th festival is RESERVED for the festive weekend of the Assumption, 16-18 August. The festival invites you to be together in this charmed space with popular musicians from all over the world, colourful columns of entertainment and arts, surrounded by unforgettable emotions and exceptional people. There will be 6 stages on the live music beach: Main Stage, Dune Stage, Electronic stage, Underground Stage, Beach Stage, Rock Club, where music will be shared by more than 80 artists of various genres. In this year's fiesta, besides abundance of music, a storm of entertainment, arts and global cuisines is forecast, which will flood the meadows of the festival right up to its edges. Festival Karklė Live Music Beach guarantees 3 days of sharp playground sensations due to the formula of freedom, love and music that came up naturally in the event, which every year brings thousands of people to be together, to enjoy, to share, to love, to feel, to discover, to see and to relax at the festival by the sea. This event with "hippie" spirit is like an icon to the hippie atmosphere of these days which is perfectly reflected in the event: holidaymaker trance, sun bathing, sea spray, grains of sand in the clothes, cool high quality music, and also positivity diffused by the festival-goers, connect variegated hearts of the participants into completeness, and proves once again that this event is worthy to be named one of the most successful festivals, or maybe even given the status of the capital of summer festivals in Lithuania. The festival is not going to stop or to respect the laws of gravity and invites all to the "5*****" festival cruise, where you will be faced only with a pleasant dilemma of how to manage to try out, to hear or see everything. The fifth festival Karklė'14 Live Music Beach is waiting for you on 15-17 August. Friends are coming back, nature is getting ready, and dreams are coming true!
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