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Vote for The right measurements for the inclusive growth - Davos one-minute video

2017-04-21 11:18
Mindaugas Voldemaras, a blogger from www.commonsense.lt, Lithuania, summarizes the solution that would be the background of the inclusive growth of any country in the world despite its location, stage of development or political views. Before heading to the solution, let's agree on the root problem that is faced by any country in the world. It's a fact that institutions, even governments, as well as people behave in the way they are measured. What means the right measurements are the necessary condition to rapid growth and people happiness. There're three main areas that countries should focus on. In the Education: - The growth of the creation of added value - The increase of salaries (what means return on investment into education) In the Healthcare: - The Lenght of life - The Working age (what means how longer we live and how longer we're able to work) In the Economy: - The amount of jobs - Added value per employee (how many people got employeed and how much increased the value we created) Using those measurements any country should set specific targets (in numbers) due to their current situation and ambitions. All the outgoing strategies of the governmental institutions should be subordinated to the country targets set. The targets should be publicly announced and publicly evaluated. The leaders should focus on them, track the performance on the regular basis. If the direction is stable, if the focus is kept, the people are condemned to get happier. Feel free to contact me if more detailed comments are needed at mindaugas.voldemaras@gmail.com
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