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Alvin and the Chipmunks 2 Trailer #3 : The Squeakquel

2017-04-21 11:18
Audiences should brace themselves for screams of "Alvin!" and cuter-than-cute chipmunks in this sequel to the 2007 hit. Cast: Jason Lee as David Seville David Cross as Ian Hawke Cameron Richardson as Claire Wilson Zachary Levi as Toby Seville Charice Pempengco as herself - The Chipmunks Justin Long as Alvin (speaking voice) Matthew Gray Gubler as Simon (speaking voice) Jesse McCartney as Theodore (speaking voice) Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. as Alvin (singing voice) Steve Vining as Simon (singing voice) Janice Karman as Theodore (singing voice) - The Chipettes Anna Faris as Brittany (speaking voice) Christina Applegate as Jeanette (speaking voice) Amy Poehler as Eleanor (speaking voice) Janice Karman as the Chipettes (singing voices) Directed by: Betty Thomas Genres: Comedy, Kids/Family and Sequel Release Date: December 25th, 2009 (wide) Distributors: 20th Century Fox Distribution ---------------------------------------------- Directed by Betty Thomas Produced by Ross Bagdasarian, Jr. Janice Karman Starring : Charice Pempengco (guest) Jason Lee David Cross Cameron Richardson Zachary Levi and the voices of: Justin Long Matthew Gray Gubler Jesse McCartney Anna Faris Christina Applegate Amy Poehler Distributed by 20th Century Fox Release date(s)December 25, 2009
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