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In albedo - Labyrinth

2018-06-18 09:18
From debut album "MELQUÍADES", 2018 Keyboards & Vocal: Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė Drums: Rokas Beliukevičius El. Guitar: Justinas Žilys Bass: Tadas Žukauskas Saxophone: Stasys Šalaševičius Music & Lyrics: Ieva Marija Baranauskaitė Video: Andrius Seliuta Audio Engineer: Mantas Tamulionis About "Melquíades": Melquíades is the mythical, symbol laden being from Gabriel Garcia Marquez' legendary work “One Hundred Years of Solitude”, who embodies the music and lyrics of “In albedo”. These are filled with the investigation of psychological, alchemical and spiritual archetypes, which are also often found in fairytales. When someone starts telling a story, every single event is already spread out in narrative time. Therefore, we find ourselves listening a story that was already written and told by Melquíades with one hundred years of anticipation. Thus, our narrator can be located in a present time or in the future to tell us the past. Melquíades, is in a time in which events seem as if they have happened a long time ago. And because of this perspective, he knows not only the past he is narrating, but also the future of the past. In an unforeseen order of events the gypsy Melquíades and his tribe come into a small town to show the people an array of their latest miracles: flying carpets, magnets, ice, telescopes and other fabulous and magical things. In a ghostly fashion, from time to time he appears and disappears. Every time he dies, over and over, he returns “with a dazzling glow of joy”. Sometimes because, so we are told, he could not bear “the solitude of death”, at other times, to spend countless hours laying down his hundred year old story of solitude on parchment, worded in the language of Sanskrit. Sometimes it could be to correct the rumors of his latest death, which recently was not because of a squid attack as commonly believed, but because he perished on the sands of Singapore. He is always one to remind greed obsessed merchants that happiness does not lie in gold. And all of Melquíades' inventions carry his personal mantra which can be summed up in one sentence: “Things have a life of their own”. He is a fantastic, agitated soul marked by fatal traits. Rumors circle that he has magical powers and the “Keys of Nostradamus”, it is also said he knows his ways in the ancient writings of monk Herman Cripple. His forty tribes of gypsies, in fact, are said to have been “wiped off the face of the earth because they had gone beyond the limits of human knowledge.” Others hint that he exudes an aura of the celestial, yet borders on madness in his personal experiments. He has fine, lissome hands and a giant disheveled beard, wearing the same old-fashioned vest and the hat that looked like a raven’s wings. Prodigious creature enveloped in a sad aura, with an Asiatic look and pale tamples never laughs, because scurvy has caused his teeth to drop out. However, his piercing eyes are said to see right through the other side of the veil. He remains steady, unchanging in his ways, exactly as the son, father and grandfather had seen him when they were child. It is said that he is the author of this and other stories written in Sanskrit, in a “Lacedeamonian military code” and in “the private cipher of the Emperor Augustus”. But throughout a countless amount of his burials, people wrote down the only true thing they knew about him: MELQUÍADES Because every human and every generation arrives, time after time, to create their tale from laughter, warmth, goodness, irony, joy, love, the alchemy of sadness, wisdom, spells, inventions, truth and madness. One perishes to leave his own myth of the search for gold throughout a century of solitude. Scribed in a dead language, Melquíades put it on parchment. And the story always remains the same. There is no past, no present, nor future. There is only temporality and the things and events, ringing with meaning or not, scattered throughout the transience of being. More info: https://www.facebook.com/inalbedo/
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