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Experimental Amateur-Built Aircraft VK-9 , Vladas Kensgaila

2016-06-04 20:03
The new type of aircraft produced by Lithuanian constructor Vladas Kensgaila. The construction is one of the biggest homebuilt aircraft, which lasted more than ten years. This is two engine, eight places aircraft. The aircraft airframe and wings are made from composite materials. Professionally produced with the new construction decissions causes surprise among the aviation specialists. Max. Speed 500 km/h Max.Cruise 400 km/h Economy Cruise 320 km/h Stalling speed 110 km/h Max. Rate of climb 6,7 m/s Fuel Flow per Hour 80 l/h Range 2500 km Max. Altitude 6000 m Range 2500 km Take off distance 400 m Landing distance 500 m Seats 8 (2 pilots, 6 pass.) Engines 2 Engine Tipe Lycoming L-O-540 Rated Power (250 PS /184 kw) x 2 Landing Gear Tricycle, retractable Standart empty weight 1770 kg Max. Take Off Weight 2997 kg Fuel Capacity 800 ltr Wing Span 14,17 m Length 10,74 m Height 3,83 m
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