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12:35 True Conviction 2/10s.
A Long Road To Justice. Nearly 30 years after a heinous crime was carried out, police finally track down the killer who believed he got away with murder for three decades.
13:30 Murder Chose Me 3/1s.
Loose Cannon. Homicide Detective Rod Demery has a personal link to crime. His mother was murdered, his brother is a murderer - and he has solved over 250 homicides.
14:25 Deadline: Crime with Tamron Hall 2/5s.
The House on Q Street. A 91-year-old Washington VIP is found dead in the bathroom of her Georgetown house, and the subsequent investigation unravels a lifetime of violent secrets.
15:20 I Almost Got Away With It 3/39s.
Got to Work on a Crab Boat. A career criminal robs a bank and escapes with $20,000. But when a radio-controlled incendiary device stains the stolen cash will Ken's plans be foiled?
16:15 I Almost Got Away With It 6/66s.
Got to Escape Through a Toilet. The stories of these perpetrators may be different, but their motives are always the same: to stay out of prison and live life on the run.
17:10 Murder Comes to Town 3/5s.
Mom Makes Four. When Carla Fuqua vanishes after a night out with friends, her family panics. Even worse, Carla has become the fourth missing person in a town of less than 5,000.
18:05 Never Say Goodbye 1/5s.
Evil Lurks. A mother's worst nightmare becomes reality when her son goes missing. The search comes up empty until a motorist makes a horrific discovery.
19:00 Never Say Goodbye 1/6s.
Overkill. A husband returns home to find his wife viciously murdered just steps away from their baby daughter. The clues point to someone she knows, so everyone is a suspect.
20:00 People Magazine Investigates 3/1s.
Mystery In The Swamp. When Mike Williams fails to return from a duck hunting excursion, it's thought he drowned in a boating accident. 17 years later, his murdered body is found.
21:00 People Magazine Investigates 3/3s.
Somebody's Watching. A fire chief's wife is found burnt to death in her home. But an autopsy reveals the cause of death was a gunshot to the head, shocking a small Louisiana town.
22:00 I Am Homicide 2/3s.
Stalker Or Lover?. A mobile home is set ablaze to conceal the truth about a murder. Can detective Gary McFadden learn the truth about the victim's mysterious stalker?
23:00 I Am Homicide 2/4s.
A Promise Kept. Investigating a deadly robbery at a fast food joint, Detective McFadden finds the victim was targeted for execution - and uncovers a surprising emotional connection.
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