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20:00 Sweet 15: Quinceañera 1/1s.
Lights, Camera...Alligator?. The Bella Quince team plan the sexy quinceañera that Leandra wanted - but her dad is not happy, and it's mom vs. stepmom over a cupcake-themed photoshoot.
21:00 Behind Closed Doors: The American Family 1/3s.
The Marriage Test. Deena is dreading Andy's birthday where the whole family knows of his infidelity. Plus, Tam turns to therapy to get to the bottom of her relationship issues.
22:00 Di Fatto Famiglie 1/1s.
Episode 1. Taking a journey into the daily lives of the real and unique modern families - whether there are two dads, three parents or just one, they reveal that all family needs is love.
23:00 90 Days To Wed: Happily Ever After? 2/5s.
Episode 5. Life after the 90 days continues. As the couples look back at their journey on a K1 visa, the newlyweds realise that their lives have not become easier.
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