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21:00 Marvel's Spider-Man
After The Spot gets the upper hand on Spider-Man, Anya Corazon has to step up and take responsibility for her great powers as Spider-Girl. (S2 Ep9)
21:29 Marvel's Spider-Man
Inching through a gauntlet of mysterious new villains, determined to bring him down, Spidey faces off against his most bizarre bad guy yet, Jack O’Lantern. (S2 Ep10)
22:00 Space Chickens In Space
Starley and Narcibelle must work together to defeat a deadly killbot. Finley creates a time freezing device that threatens to destroy the academy. (S1 Ep5)
22:29 Furiki Wheels
Andre and Champion's contest leads them into Gordon's trap. Gordon takes Andre to traffic court for reckless driving. (S1 Ep5)
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