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05:00 Wheeler Dealers 13/18s.
Best Of #2. Mike and Edd look over a few cars in the garage as they reminisce about the recent projects, with insight into how they went while looking at never seen before footage.
06:00 Wheeler Dealers 14/12s.
1987 Porsche 924. Mike takes on a Porsche 924, the first car he ever turned around on the series. Will fixing oil leaks and worn interior be enough earn a profit?
07:00 How Do They Do It? 15/19s.
Episode 19. How do they turn trees into billions of pencils? How do they make liquorice? And, how do they use traditional techniques to weave the world's most fashionable lace?
07:30 How It's Made 5/53s.
Episode 53. If you've ever wondered 'where did that come from' or 'how'd they do that', this is the show for you. We'll take those everyday household items and show you 'How It's Made'.
08:00 How It's Made 9/13s.
Miniature Silverware/Hot Air Balloons. How do they make hot air balloons, miniature silverware, transmissions, and darts? Find out, as more items are put under the microscope.
08:30 How It's Made 20/13s.
Gut Strings, Absinthe, Belt Buckles. Find out how gut strings are made, absinthe is manufactured, belt buckles are produced and lever locks are created.
09:00 Baggage Battles 1/2s.
London. Auction specialists fly across the Atlantic to bid on lost bags in London. Sally convinces Laurence to bid big and Mark and Billy compete to win interesting luggage.
09:30 Storage Hunters UK 1/9s.
Episode 9. Dan gambles on a lot he might later regret when the gang visits Milton Keynes, while Nat lets her heart rule her head on a sale. Plus, one lot is illuminatingly profitable.
10:00 Salvage Hunters 11/4s.
Right Price. In Margate, Drew snaps up a good deal at a 'junk emporium' run by some of his best contacts. And, at a Georgian mansion in Fife he finds a surprising bargain.
11:00 How Do They Do It? 6/20s.
Episode 20. Find out how they make military helicopters, how they design metro systems and how they engineer artificial reefs.
11:30 How Do They Do It? 10/19s.
St Petersburg Metro/Civet Coffee/Chip Makers. A look at how products are made around the world. Featuring the St Petersburg metro, the world's most expensive coffee and chip makers.
12:00 Wheeler Dealers 11/4s.
Citroen 2CV. Mike finds a 56-year-old Citroen 2CV, retired in the sunny south of France. However, with age comes problems - can Edd fire life into the smoky old engine?
13:00 Mythbusters 11/4s.
Earthquake Water Heater. Jon and Brian wreak havoc with a 700-lb water-heater torpedo. And, can an exploding sleeping bag full of flatulence bust another myth?
14:00 Mythbusters 11/5s.
Fire Arrow Vs. Gas Tank. Brian and Jon test if a flaming arrow fired into a car's gas tank causes it to erupt in flames. Plus, they test a seemingly dangerous tribal initiation.
15:00 Mythbusters 11/6s.
Invisible Assassins. Jon and Brian put three extreme makeshift booby-traps to the test. They attempt to hide shotgun shells under floorboards but will the trick be effective?
16:00 Outback Truckers 4/4s.
Episode 4. There's trouble in the wind for Kurt, who is struggling with a load causing oversized problems. And for Johnny on the Tanami Track, it's too hard one minute and too soft the next.
17:00 Salvage Dawgs 1/13s.
Stick Style House. Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew salvage an extremely dirty house in Knoxville, Tennessee.
17:30 Shed And Buried 1/19s.
Suffolk. Henry and Sam are in Suffolk where they find a barn filled with Porsche tractors, Ducati pushbikes and many more rare and surprising vehicles.
18:00 How Do They Do It? 14/19s.
Episode 19. How do they make modern paving stones and how has the process changed over thousands of years? Plus, how do they create a traditionally tailored tuxedo suit?
18:30 How It's Made 1/13s.
Plastic Moulds/Automatic Oil Filters. Follow the production process of filing cabinets and blown glass, and find out how each of these items is made.
19:00 Expedition Unknown 4/11s.
Egypt's Lost Queens. Josh continues his journey through Egypt to uncover the secrets of ancient history's most powerful women rulers: Nefertiti and Cleopatra.
20:00 Made By Destruction 2/10s.
Episode 10. Recycling visionaries explain how almost everything - from obsolete air planes to empty bottles - can be destroyed and put back together again into a different product.
20:30 Made By Destruction 2/11s.
Episode 11. Recycling visionaries explain how almost everything - from obsolete air planes to empty bottles - can be destroyed and put back together again into a different product.
21:00 Abandoned Engineering 1/2s.
Mission: Space. Welcome to the eerie world of abandoned Space Age projects. What became of the HARP gun in Barbados and the mountainside Barcroft Observatory in California?
22:00 Brake Room 1/11s.
Capt. Sean Dwyer Vs RJ Anderson. It's a clash of the adrenaline junkies when world champion off-road racer, RJ Anderson faces off against 'Deadliest Catch' captain, Sean Dwyer.
22:30 Brake Room 1/5s.
Erik Jones vs Matt D'Andria. Nascar Rookie of the year, Erik Jones, and motoring TV personality Matt D'Andria aim to predict the outcome of the world's most insane motor videos.
23:00 Blowing Up History 2/10s.
Treasures Of The Terracotta Army. Dark secrets surround The Terracotta Army. Newly-found artefacts reveal the soldiers' supernatural enemy and ancient China's violent origins.
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