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15:30 Salvage Dawgs 1/12s.
American Foursquare House. Mike, Robert, and the Black Dog Salvage crew tackle an American Foursquare house from 1910 in Fairmont, West Virginia.
16:00 Garage Gold 1/13s.
One Pad to the Next. Kraig takes on a seven-garage gig and expects a massive payday. Later, the Garage Brothers make some remarkable discoveries, including a two-ton find.
16:30 Garage Gold 2/1s.
Equip with Weaponry. Kraig and the clean-out specialists rid a client's garage of junk, from machetes to prom dresses, but a mysterious silver briefcase may change everything.
17:00 Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars 2/4s.
Morris Minor Traveller & Maserati Ghibli. The boys find a Morris Traveller at the largest private car collection in the UK. And, in Surrey they spot a rare but affordable Maserati.
18:00 Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman 1/3s.
King Of The Hammers. Aaron and his crew barely reach King of the Hammers in California. Can their '71 International Scout beat the pros in the ultimate test of rock and desert racing?
19:00 Garage Rehab 1/16s.
Low Life Industries. Richard is in Tampa, Florida, to help Mark Dicks's struggling bike shop from drowning in sea of junk and broken equipment. Can he and the guys revive Low Life?
20:00 Gold Rush: Parker's Trail 3/3s.
Mercury Rising. Toxic mercury used by miners in a remote village prompts Parker to build a retort to prevent the dangerous fumes from spreading. But, a surprise flash flood strikes.
21:00 Building Off The Grid 1/3s.
Big Sur Modern Retreat. A nature-loving architect builds a modern cabin in the Californian Redwoods. He faces challenges, but the final project will have views to rival the Big Sur.
22:00 Building Alaska 1/1s.
A Demolition The Bob May Way. Hunting and fishing guide Bob May builds a cabin on a remote island in southern Alaska. But, before he starts, he must tear down the old, abandoned one.
22:30 Building Alaska 1/2s.
Framing Is A Bear. On a nearly-deserted island Bob must adapt as inferior lumber, changing weather conditions and an 11-foot brown bear cause havoc on the build site.
23:00 American Chopper (2018) 2/7s.
You're My Dog.... Junior designs a monster trike and discusses taking a big financial risk with Rachael. Josh builds a bike for the Hudson Valley SPCA, headed by Joanie and Senior.
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