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02:25 Lone Star Law 4/20s.
Hunting Hunters. During prime deer season, the wardens are extremely busy. Bad weather conditions lead to a serious car crash and illegal deer disposals are investigated.
03:15 Dr. Dee: Alaska Vet 1/1s.
Taking Flight. Dr Dee embarks on her first flight as a new pilot to treat animals in the Arctic Circle. She also cares for an aging Border Collie and a disabled Siberian husky.
04:02 Animal Cops Houston 14/2s.
Fight For Survival. It's a busy day for investigator Trischa Price as she seizes three starving horses, before saving some trapped kittens and helping three abandoned puppies.
04:49 Animal Cops Houston 14/3s.
Rescue Me. Kristie Franks has a difficult job trying to herd up 20 cats in the overrun house of a hoarder, while Debbie Michielson rescues a horse with an injury to its leg.
05:36 Animal Battlegrounds 1/4s.
Air. The peregrine falcon, which can spot its prey from 10km, is hunting in the English countryside, while bats try to evade snakes and flesh-eating beetles lurking in their cave.
06:00 Animal Battlegrounds 1/5s.
Wetlands. The battleground is the soda lakes of the Rift Valley, where flamingos take on baboons and hyenas in the toxic soup of chemicals that they call home.
06:25 The Aquarium 1/8s.
Baby Otter Rescue. Nandi, the aquarium's smallest manta ray, is due her annual check up and some young ruddy ducks arrive at the aquarium and are introduced to their new habitat.
07:15 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6/9s.
Healing Hearts. Tia races to save a dog left tied up in the sweltering summer heat. Meanwhile, Matt returns home to rescue a pit bull on death row.
08:10 Pit Bulls & Parolees 6/10s.
Broken Home. Tia and Matt find themselves in a heartbreaking situation when called upon to rescue some dogs from the home of their recently deceased owner.
09:05 Pit Bulls & Parolees 7/2s.
Scarred. Sui is ready for more responsibility and tests himself by taking the lead in a rescue. Later, Tia rescues a pit bull with scars that reveal a painful past.
10:00 Pit Bulls & Parolees 7/3s.
Jail Break. A stray dog in the swamp proves a challenge for Tia, and she takes in two sickly puppies from an overwhelmed owner. And will a Villalobo favourite find a forever home?
10:55 Pit Bulls & Parolees 7/4s.
Knife's Edge. A family travels south to find a new family companion, and a call about an aggressive dog leads to a heart-breaking discovery. Plus, Earl visits a spine specialist.
11:50 The Aquarium 1/8s.
Baby Otter Rescue. Nandi, the aquarium's smallest manta ray, is due her annual check up and some young ruddy ducks arrive at the aquarium and are introduced to their new habitat.
12:45 Dodo Heroes 1/6s.
Katherine's Elephant Eden. Katherine Connor and her family run an elephant sanctuary in Thailand. She wants to rescue an older elephant, Pang Fai, to release her from chains forever.
13:40 Kingdom of the Elephants
A sacred animal, the elephant holds much prestige in Thailand. This is an intimate portrayal of a young girl's journey to becoming a Mahout.
14:35 Prehistoric Elephant
Discover how the mastodon evolved, migrated out of Africa and survived in the North American forests for roughly 3.7 million years and through dozens of climate changes.
15:30 Growing Up... 1/3s.
Elephant. Meet Maximus, a five-month-old African elephant living in North America. Growing Up... follows Maximus' journey through his first year of life.
16:25 Swimming With Monsters: Steve Backshall 1/3s.
Shark. Steve travels to Mexico to find out more about the great white shark. Leaving the safety of his dive cage, can he get close enough to study this remarkable predator?
17:20 Tiger Shark Beach
Dr. Neil Hammerschlag answers the key questions of tiger shark science - where do these sharks mate, where do the pregnant females gestate, and where do they give birth?
18:15 Red Ape: Saving The Orangutan
Experts look at one of the most remarkable creatures - orangutans. The apes are found on only two islands and they are now critically endangered - how can they be saved?
19:10 Ninja Sharks
Explores six sharks with unique adaptations that have evolved over millions of years, making them the most lethal hunters in the sea.
20:05 The Crocodile Hunter: Best Of Steve Irwin 1/5s.
Casper The White Crocodile. Steve faces a challenge relocating the zoo's latest croc, Caspar, into a new area. Terri Irwin and Wes Mannion give exclusive commentary.
21:00 Crocodile Hunter 4/2s.
Journey to the Red Centre. Steve and Terri investigate the harsh, remote centre of Australia and discover some of the amazing animals that survive in this hostile environment.
21:55 Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet 5/11s.
Ready To Roll. Dr. Jeff and the team head to a remote town offering low-cost care to pets. Plus, Dr. Petra performs life-saving surgery on a Basset Hound that was hit by a car.
22:50 The Vet Life 2/4s.
California Dreamin'. Dr. Ross treats a kinkajou nearing his terrible twos. Meanwhile, Dr. Lavine treats a cat with a suspected contagious disease.
23:45 Flying Wild Alaska 2/12s.
New Wings Over Alaska. Sarah has her first flight in a 208. Ariel hunts for seagull eggs and Erik fights to keep his plane in the sky over one of Alaska's most notorious runways.
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