Published: 5 april 2013 09:57

Visaginas Nuclear Power Plant project expected to continue

Construction of a new nuclear power plant in Lithuania, a project initiated by former right-wing government, should be continued but with major adjustments, Lietuvos Rytas daily reports.
Nuclear energy
Aliaus Koroliovo nuotr. / Nuclear energy

The Energy Ministry and its special task group are inclined to propose a respective solution to the government, sources tell the daily. It seems that Prime Minister Algirdas Butkevičius and other influential Social Democrats would not object if the project - planned to be implemented in cooperation with Japan’s Hitachi, Latvia, and Estonia - was to continue.

According to the sources, Hitachi may be invited to make “actual” investments in the construction of the facility instead of just “selling the reactor”. Moreover, the “super-company” dealing with the construction of the new nuclear power plant would be reorganized into a regular state-owned company. On top of that, Lithuania would give up its dominance in the project and invite Latvia and Estonia to increase their participation, both in terms of shareholding and financing. The neighboring countries are reportedly still willing to take part in the project, even under new conditions.

The Energy Ministry believes that Hitachi, which is “open for negotiations”, will also agree to discuss new conditions.

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