Published: 19 july 2013 11:19

Lithuania welcomes US proposal to call August 23 Black Ribbon Day

Lithuanian Ambassador to the United States Žygimantas Pavilionis has welcomed the US proposal to declare August 23 the Black Ribbon Day to honor victims of Soviet and Nazi regimes.
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The draft resolution on the issue was earlier this week submitted by member of the US House of Representatives John Shimkus, whose family comes from Lithuania. August 23 would be an appropriate date to designate as Black Ribbon Day to remember and never forget the terror millions of citizens in Central and Eastern Europe, the draft resolution says.

Similar resolutions have been adopted by the European Parliament and Canadian lawmakers.

"New generations that are less acquainted with historic events are growing in America. Such a resolution, congressmen believe, will strengthen fundamental democratic principles in the country," Pavilionis told BNS.

"The number of democracies is not growing in the world as it has been dropping for the last 6-8 years and the number of autocratic regimes is on the rise. The adoption of such a resolution is not simply a reference to historic events but the statement of a very important reality," the ambassador said.

August 23 has been chosen because on that day in 1939 the Soviets and Nazis signed secret protocols dividing the sphere of influence in Central and Eastern Europe, which led to the occupation of the Baltic States during WWII.

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