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Food price is more important than quality for Lithuanian consumers

Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Obuoliai
Šaltinis: BNS

The majority of Lithuanian residents regard price as a more important factor than quality while buying food, 95 percent respondents in a survey saying that price is very important, while only 73 percent think quality of food is very important.

A recent Eurobarometer survey has shown that Lithuanians concider quality very important while buying food more often than other EU citizens. On average, 65 percent of EU citizens said quality of food was very important.

Malta (86 percent) and Cyprus (84 percent) stand out for the particularly high proportion of respondents for whom quality is a priority, followed by Bulgaria and Greece (78 percent each). By contrast, in Portugal (49 percent), the Netherlands (52 percent) and Austria (53 percent), only a small majority see quality as very important.

The proportion of Latvians (76 percent) for whom quality of food is very important is higher than in Lithuania. In Estonia the proportion is lower – 55 percent.

91 percent of EU respondents regard price of food as very important. The highest proportion (98 percent) is in Bulgaria and Greece, and the lowest – in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Sweden – 72, 76 and 76 percent respectively.

80 percent of Lithuanians regard the geographical origin of food products as important. 58 percent said food product brands are important for them, and 1 percent said the importance of a brand depends on the product.

TNS Gallup Lithuania surveyed 1,016 Lithuanian residents over 15 years on 10-25 March. All in all, over 26,500 EU citizens took part in the Eurobarometer survey, according to a press release by the European Commission.

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