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Eurovision favourite Donatas Montvydas cleared of plagiarism allegations by “Secret Garden” author himself

Donatas Montvydas,  Martynas Tyla ir Audrius Giržadas
Irmanto Gelūno / 15min nuotr. / Donatas Montvydas, Martynas Tyla ir Audrius Giržadas
Šaltinis: 15min

Suspicions that Donatas Montvydas, one of the favourite candidates to repsresent Lithuania in this year's Eurovision Song Contest, might have copied his song collapsed. Such accusations were refuted by Rolf Lovland himself, author of the original song “secret Garden” that Montvydas, who sometimes goes by his international alias Donny Montell, allegedly plagiarized.

After one Eurovision fan raised doubts about the authenticity of Montvydas' Eurovision entry “Love Is Blind,” the singer organized a press conference on Friday, attended by Montvydas himself, his producer Martynas Tyla, and producer of Eurovision's national pick Audrius Giržadas.

The main message of the conference was the following: Rolf Lovland, famous Norwegian composer and author of “Secret Garden” song that Montvydas' entry allegedly sounds suspiciously similar to, has no pretensions to neither the singer, nor composer  of his song, German Brandon Stone.

“Yesterday, Martynas himself approached people who hold copyrigh to “Secret Garden.” We received confirmation that the two songs are completely different and Montvydas can continue his running for Eurovision. Moreover, they wished us luck in the contest,” Giržadas said during the conference. According to the producer, no other response could have been possible.

Suspicions were raised this week, after a Eurovision fan named Keisy sent 15min an email, claiming that Montvydas' song “Love is Blind” borrowed heavily from “Secret Garden” by Rolf Lovland. The original song came out in 1995.

“I'm a huge fan of the Eurovision contest and I'm following updates from all the ESC countries about their national contests and entries. Donny Montell's Eurovision song's main part is a rip-off from a song in Rolf Lovland's album “Songs From a Secret Garden,” from 1995. How can you close your eyes and plug your ears on such “coincidence”? That's why this song is so liked by your national TV's jury, because this song is a rip-off from a piece of art!” Keisy wrote in an email to 15min.lt, attaching a youtube video he edited, comparing the two songs.

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