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Published: 26 may 2021 16:32

DKV Mobility merges with 3 mobility service companies in Lithuania, Estonia and Poland

Mobility services company DKV Mobility is strengthening its position to increase market share and clientele in the Baltic States and Poland as they sign a purchase agreement for Port One Estonia, port One Polska and State Port Group Lithuania.

Port One Estonia, Port One Polska and State Port Group Lithuania offer services for long-haul transportation companies.

“We are glad to see Port One Estonia, State Port Group Lithuania and Port One Polska join DKV Mobility Group. These companies are valued across all three countries for their professionalism, high qualification specialists and business decisions, which are crucial for contemporary logistics companies. We believe that the business merger will encourage the development of mobility services on offer to logistics companies, as well as ensure the company’s growth,” DKV Mobility CEO Marco van Kalleveen says.

According to Teet Järvekülg, one of the founders of Port One Estonia, State Port Group Lithuania and Port One Polska, the company merger will allow for further improvement in the quality of services on offer: “This deal will provide current and future clients the opportunity to receive the highest quality of products and services, and this is also a recognition of the successful long-term work of our teams.”

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