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Published: 11 may 2021 19:30

Fintech Company from Lithuania among the Best Ten Software Developers Worldwide

Juozas Rupšys
Juozas Rupšys
Creditonline, a Lithuanian-capital fintech company, which develops and provides software solutions to leading market participants, has gained international recognition. The GoodFirms platform has been ranked Creditonline 9th in the global lender software segment. To date, no fintech company from the Baltic countries has been included in the list.

GoodFirms is an international research platform that assesses software developers and marketers on the basis of such criteria as quality, reliability, design, software improvement and development, user experience, and platform convenience. In total, the GoodFirms portal provided estimates of more than 30,000 IT companies globally. In the loan origination software segment, the experts of GoodFirms rated 43 companies globally, with Creditonline ranking 9th.

According to Mr Juozas Rupšys, the founder and CEO of Creditonline, inclusion in the top ten loan origination software providers is directly related to the immense work done by the Company before and during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are constantly investing in the improvement of the credit technology we are developing, and the COVID-19 period has been no exception. However, the pandemic and the resulting sales break allowed us to focus further on improving our technology. For instance, in the recent year, we have improved the user experience, increased product efficiency, and accelerated our processes. As a result of these changes, our software has seen major improvements, especially in the areas that the GoodFirms portal evaluates. In addition, we have developed credit technology for financial companies operating in the segments of factoring and market place”,- said Mr Rupšys.

About Creditonline

Creditonline currently operates in 15 countries, including the United Kingdom, Denmark, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, Switzerland and the Baltic countries. The Company has its offices in Argentina and the United Kingdom. Creditonline develops consumer loan, short-term credit, lease, factoring, refinancing, crowdfunding and other types of credit technology platforms, debt and loan administration systems, provides risk analysis services, consults and adapts technologies to the specific market environment.

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