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Published: 16 november 2021 12:15

Global research reveals global trends of 2021 in the IT sector

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The international staff group ANCOR has published the results of Randstad Employer Brand Research's (REBR), which reveals the preferences of IT, telecommunications and specialty equipment professionals in the global marketplace and the challenges they face while working in this sector. The research was conducted in a survey format, with 190,000 respondents from 34 countries covering 80% of the global economy this year. 2022 Lithuania will become the 35th country participating in the global research. In 2021 November 18 ANCOR, together with Randstad, will discuss and present the specifics of the study in more detail during the online event. You can find out more about the event by clicking on the link.

“Randstad's Employer Brand Research is interesting because it reveals the labor market situation from an employee's perspective by selecting random people for the survey. This year's research is special in that, in addition to the global job market, while creating Randstad's Employer Brand Research, individuals working in IT, healthcare and administration were surveyed separately to find out what challenges each employee in these sectors faces daily and what their expectations are. I have no doubt that this research provides exceptional value to companies who seeks for improvement and meeting the needs of the market, especially reacting to what is important and relevant for employees or job seekers, ”says Aušra Bendikaitė, Head of ANCOR for the Baltic States.

The survey reveals that 67% of IT workers have not changed their job situation as usual and have worked as usual (compared to 50% of the global market), with only 1% of IT workers losing their jobs. Similar to situation in other sectors, employees in the IT sector had become more loyal to their employer - as many as 70% of employees in the IT sector have expressed increased loyalty and trust in their employer, compared to 68% of the total labor market. During the pandemic, the need for IT specialists increased significantly, and many companies switched to remote work, which increased the workload of these specialists dramatically - 1 in 3 IT workers had to work overtime as the pandemic continued and technical failures increased.

The majority of IT workers expressed that the most important thing for them when choosing an employer was: attractive salary and bonuses (65%), work-life balance (62%), safety in work (60%). The next most important criteria were the company's financial security (57%) and pleasant working atmosphere (55%). Compared to other sectors and the global labor market in general, IT sector is the one sector where technology and innovation plays the important role for employees when it comes to using the latest technologies and software - 50% of IT employees claims its one of the most important things when choosing an employer, comparing to the global labor market where the importance of this criteria was mentioned by only by 36% respondents.

Randstad's Global Employer Brand Research has been conducted annually for more than 20 years. Randstad, recognized worldwide as one of the TOP 30 largest companies in the world of direct employment services, and since 2012. is a strategic partner of ANCOR. If you want to read more about the research itself, you can also find information in English here.

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