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Published: 16 january 2020 19:23

Guests from around the world visit Burbiškis Manor

Japonų verslo delgacija dvare
Japanese delegation at the manor

Burbiškis Manor is a location filled with the luxurious atmosphere of XIX century nobility. The new manor managers Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang and Kim Hoang seek for the manor to exude not only aristocratic quality, but also a worldly spirit and this is excellently reflected in the Burbiškis restaurant’s kitchen, which comes as a pleasant surprise for even the greatest gourmets. Burbiškis Manor invites guests around the year to enjoy exclusive events and high class aristocratic quality.

Guests from Lithuania and the whole world

Burbiškis Manor, which is based in the Anykščiai Regional Park, is a centre of gravity for tourists, known for its special atmosphere, impeccably well-kept garden, variety of events and cosy hotel, whose noble interior exudes XIX century luxury and unique style.

Burbiškis Manor is often visited by Lithuanian and foreign celebrities, who are attracted by the manor’s various concerts and themed events. The manor is filled with the spirit of Romanticism and is known as an ideal location for important international business meetings, personal and company celebrations are also held here.

The opening of the renewed manor in August featured guests from the United Kingdom, France, Israel, Italy, the USA and other countries. Just like in the old golden era of the manor, rumours about the renewed Burbiškis Manor have spread wide around the world.

To the manor as if to home

Former opera singer Birutė Vizgirdienė says she always returns to the manor as if to home and praises the owners for recreating the unique manor atmosphere.

“I always arrive at the manor as if to home, everything is so familiar here. I remember my mother’s recollections – she was a courtier. The new managers of Burbiškis have done very well in recreating the manor atmosphere,” B. Vizgirdienė smiled.

A Japanese sakura tree in the manor park

Recently, Burbiškis Manor was also visited by representatives of the Japanese industrial company federation KEIDANREN, as well as Japanese Ambassador to Lithuania Shiro Yamasaki and his wife Yuko. To signify the mutual respect between Lithuania and Japan, a Japanese cherry – a sakura - was planted in the manor. The symbolic ceremony was also attended by Anykščiai region municipality Mayor Sigutis Obelevičius.

Manor manager Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang celebrates being able to represent Lithuanian culture and present the history of Burbiškis Manor to guests from abroad.

“We are happy to be able to represent Lithuanian culture, present the history of Burbiškis Manor. The cultural heritage of nobility with accents from around the world is seemingly reborn here. We hold concerts, art exhibitions, various cultural events are organised. The manor has become a cultural centre of gravity in Lithuania,” Orinta Eivaitė-Hoang rejoiced.

Burbiškis Manor hosts a restaurant for even the greatest gourmets

Attendees of celebrations, events and meetings, as well as manor guests especially favourably evaluate the high quality Burbiškis Manor kitchen, which is led by chef Šarūnas Marčiulaitis. The Burbiškis Manor menu contains exclusively seasonal, refined dishes and the freshest ingredients, the kitchen portrays the spirit of various cultures, particularly of Southern ones. According to the restaurant’s chef, everyone visiting Burbiškis Manor has the opportunity to experience a dinner filled with excellent sensations, one that will long remain in memory.

“My acquaintance with the Italian kitchen began ten years ago and continues to this day! While working at the restaurant Picajolu, I witnessed how unique the Italian kitchen is and how good it is to work with the most fresh and highest quality ingredients. When visiting, Burbiškis Manor guests have an excellent opportunity to witness that in order to create a dinner filled with excellent experiences, one does not need very numerous fancy ingredients,” Š. Marčiulaitis invited to visit the manor restaurant.

The chef guarantees that everyone, who tastes his dishes, will experience, what balance, harmony and passion for one’s work means. “Balance, harmony and passion for one’s work, this is what I guarantee you will experience when enjoying my dishes!” Š. Marčiulaitis assured.

Visitors delighted by celebrations held in Burbiškis

The new managers of Burbiškis Manor, former famous model Orinta Eivatė-Hoang and her husband Kim Hoang say that from its very beginnings, the manor was a place, which would host not only the Lithuanian elite, but also competent foreign guests, who would bring to the manor knowledge of distant cultures and the secrets of the international kitchen. The new owners seek for the manor to continue sharing not only aristocratic quality, but also for worldly spirit to thrive.

O. Eivatė-Hoang and K. Hoang invited during the Christmas period to draw upon this aristocratic, worldly spirit, thus during the holiday period, the manor hosted an exclusive Christmas dinner and supper, while the assembled guests listened to the singing of famous opera singer Eugenijus Chrebtovas.

The Christmas Eve left Yuko, the Japanese ambassador’s wife, with an unforgettable impression.

“The calm winter surroundings of the Burbiškis Manor were slightly covered by snow. The manor house greeted us with fireplaces, Christmas decorations and a cosy atmosphere. Eugenijus Chrebtovas’ songs were simply perfectly suited for the end of the year. It was touching and spiritual, I greatly value the hosts’ hospitality,” cultural patron and wife to the Japanese ambassador Yuko said.

According to the managers of Burbiškis Manor, this year, events at the manor will present to guests even more musical surprises and never before seen, unique art projects.

The rise of manors

It is no secret that in Lithuania, manor houses had deteriorated. However, after the restoration of independence, a significant number of them were revived for “a new life.” Now, manors once again delight the country’s residents and guests from abroad. Every manor is fascinating with its history, unique face and new owners, who strive to accommodate guests, cater to their needs and create pleasant and unforgettable memories. After the festive New Year’s celebrations, manors now prepare for an influx of guests in 2020.


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