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Published: 7 august 2020 10:26

Leading Lithuanian pharmacy chain introduces new logo and slogan to communicate small prices

Eurovaistinė new logo
Eurovaistinė new logo

This August, Lithuania's leading pharmacy chain Eurovaistinė is introducing a new look. The company logo and slogan have been temporarily revamped to communicate large price reductions. A goblet with a snake wrapped around it, known as an international symbol of pharmacy, has been replaced with a percentage sign.

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the habits of consumers, who are concerned by the shifting economic situation. In preparation for a second wave of the coronavirus, everyone is striving to not only protect their health but also to save money.

Ingrida Damulienė, board chairman of Eurovaistinė, says that it is essential for today's businesses to take the initiative. “We dramatically cut the prices of some products in our pharmacies, offering customers the opportunity to care for their health for an especially low price. From now on we say “feel good - when saving.” We want our customers not only to receive professional aid in our pharmacies but also to be able to save,” Damulienė says.

"The logo is perhaps the most concentrated channel that a brand can use to communicate its ideas. The green cross has been replaced by a percentage sign and the slogan “Feel good” has been changed through one word from being image-based to price-conscious. Now, it says “Feel good saving”,” says Adell Taivas Ogilvy creative head Dominykas Žilėnas.

Customers will be able to see the change through the pharmacy’s advertising material, print ads, online and on television. The new slogan will be heard on radio stations. Changing the logo and slogan was an important step to convey that the concept of saving is vital to everyone today, Damulienė says.

There are numerous examples of a brand being temporarily changed in order to communicate an idea. This step has been taken by global brands such as McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, Lacoste, BMW and others.

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