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Published: 2 july 2020 17:24

Lithuanian start-up Discontract begins working in Kaunas

Discontract creators
Discontract creators

Having launched in April, the Lithuanian start-up Discontract is expanding into Kaunas, with Kaunas residents now being able to easily find qualified home maintenance specialists and order their services since June 30.

Furthermore, becoming a user of this renewed and more functional platform is not limited to private customers, as business clients are also able to make use of this service. A free of charge call centre, which operates around the clock, seven days a week is also launching.

“Even during the lockdown, our community was active. Some ought professionals, who could help resolve problems arising in the home, others wanted opportunities for extra earnings. Thus, this stage granted us time to delve into the community’s needs, develop new solutions, and arrange plans for expansion. After entering Lithuania’s second-largest city, throughout this year we will expand the geography of our operations across the country’s other cities and beyond,” one of the start-up’s founders Gediminas Jankus says.

Discontract App
Discontract App

Now also in Kaunas, the Discontract app offers the opportunity for freelancers to offer their services and conveniently manage service requests, while users can quickly find help in performing home maintenance work, such as cleaning, plumbing, electricity and decoration work, furniture transportation and other services. The app finds service providers based on the area, services offered and customer evaluations, forwarding service requests to the suppliers, and offering automated payment and billing services. Payments are made for factual time spent working, while payment is made from an attached debit or credit card.

Not only specialists with certification for a specific activity can be members of the Discontract professional community, but also those with a business permit or operating as legal entities.. Its customer base is also expanding, and now also includes business clients registered on the Discontract platform. Just as private customers, they are presented with automatically issued bills for services rendered.

In order to improve the customer experience, the start-up’s creators also improved the search system – a new section displays service providers with the best recommendations. Customers are also offered the opportunity to easily call for familiar service providers instead of searching afresh.

“From the very beginning, we are aiming to make service requests and communication between customer and contractor faster and more reliable. The newly implemented capacities will help resolve domestic challenges even more easily. In implementing the novelties and expanding to Kaunas, we decided to also renew our brand and the app’s design,” the head of Discontract states.

Development of Discontract began in 2019, and in April 2020 the platform attracted 300 thousand euros in investment from the Co-investment Fund and private investors. Discontract has also seen investment from private investors Benediktas Gylys, Gvidas Drobužas, Egidijus Gaidamavičius and Gintautas Lukauskas.

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