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Published: 19 april 2021 16:09

SBA Urban starts construction of new residential district on Nemunas riverbank in Kaunas

Minkovskiai visualization
Minkovskiai visualization

On the shore of the river Nemunas on H. ir O. Minkovskių Street, SBA Urban is beginning the construction of an exclusive housing complex. Located near the Nemunas island, is already host to land preparation works, and it is planned for the construction of the first two apartment buildings to be completed and residents settling in by the beginning of next year. The project’s concept was created by National Prize laureate Rolandas Palekas‘ architecture studio.

A home between the city centre and nature

“First stage investment into the exceptional territory, which will bring together the vitality of the Kaunas city centre and old town with the advantages of nature, will reach around 15.5 million euros. Having received construction permits and completed all other necessary procedures, this unique space of the city is being prepared for construction work, and we plan to launch apartment reservations in May with residents able to move into the first two apartment buildings on the riverbank already in the first half of next year,” says general manager at SBA Urban Giedrius Cvilikas.

Giedrius Cvilikas
Giedrius Cvilikas

The project offers opportunities to enjoy the very best the city has to offer, such as the old town’s architecture, and the Nemunas River, and there are plans to allocate more than a third of spaces on the 2.5-hectare territory on the left riverbank near the planned M. K. Čiurlionis concert centre to residential buildings. The project consists of five 6-8 storey A+ class energy efficiency apartment buildings containing 155 apartments, and new residents will be able to choose from both smaller single room and larger, family-purpose four-room apartments.

“Just as with all SBA projects, this one will feature exceptional architecture while concurrently melding harmoniously with the environment. Regardless of whether we develop a technology park, an office building or a residential building, we dedicate a great deal of attention and investment to ensure that the people living and creating in our projects feel inspired, safe and comfortable,” says G. Cvilikas.

Minkovskiai visualization
Minkovskiai visualization

The project’s location spurred on a search for exceptional architectural and design solutions, which blend into both the urbanistic and the greener landscapes of this part of the city. While developing the project, much attention was dedicated to the solutions revolving around the territory’s vision so that both the new buildings and old objects were a good fit. The territory’s architectural concept was prepared by National Prize laureate Rolandas Palekas’ architecture studio.

Kaunas residents actively interested in the project

It will not just be residential buildings but also offices, culture and sports locations being developed in this part of the city. The M. K. Čiurlionis Concert Centre and the museum-science isle, which is already under construction, are projects that were initiated by the city and based on the territorial development plan approved by the city, Nemunas river isle is to also host two new pedestrian and cyclist bridges.

“For some time now, there has been a deficit in newly built residential buildings in Kaunas – in the capital, new apartments are bought almost three times more often. Nevertheless, demand for new apartments is vast in the temporary capital, and even before construction began, we have received inquiries on the progress of the project near Nemunas river isle. The first buildings, which are to emerge in early 2022, will be offered to the market right on time. Finally, thanks to the territorial development stages that were approved, this former industrial area will definitely become a centre of gravity for Kaunas’ residents,” says Giedrius Muliuolis, the head of the SBA Urban Commerce Department.


According to Muliuolis, the new area will offer activities for both residents and office tenants, while during weekends, city residents will be drawn in by events and leisure activities. Following the completion of the projects, the new area will be easily and quickly within just 15 minutes’ reach for pedestrians and cyclists. In the major cities of Europe, the luxury of nature near the city centre is a rarity. Meanwhile, the area’s residents, tenants and visitors will be able to enjoy the advantages offered by the natural shores of river Nemunas, Nemunas river isle, and the Aleksotas slope.

The new area’s concept and vision as to what the distribution of offices, apartment buildings and public space will look like were prepared with the cooperation of architects, investors, business representatives and communities, and while developing the project, a great deal of attention was focused on a unified image of the area, and stage-based development.

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