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Published: 19 october 2021 12:23

Shibui to merge several human resources consultancy brands

Kęstutis Vingilis. Authors' photo
Kęstutis Vingilis. Authors' photo
The human resources (HR) training and consultancy companies Tsunami, Shibui and Juodvarnis are merging under the single brand of Shibui. That said, Juodvarnis will retain its identity.

“Our clients’ needs encouraged us to unite – it is more convenient for organisations to receive all the services from a single pair of hands because this erases boundaries between activities previously viewed as separate. For example, motivating a team may require both presentations (something handled by Tsunami thus far) and group dynamics training with experiential exercises and deep reflection, as well as consultancy heads for teams, which was only the domain of Shibui’s operations,” Kęstutis Vingilis, organisation development consultant and the head of Shibui Partners, commented on the changes.

According to him, in the future, this will allow clients to receive more dynamic organisational training programmes, which integrate different modes of learning and unexpected cultural partnerships.

“This reflects the maturity of contemporary organisations, their interdisciplinary nature and development needs rising from all this for a different sort of learning, which is more engaging and impactful,” K. Vingilis said.

The changes are also symbolised by the renewed, bolder Shibui logo, which conveys two meanings. The first is an individual polished by time and experience, retaining ethics and knowledge, while the other – minimalism and boldness, only what is essential.

“This word best reflects the meaning of our work – we aim for our services to reflect the second meaning of Shibui, which is to be simple, clear and offering what the client needs most in the moment, whatever will help them proceed directly to their goals. I aim for and hope that the first meaning will be reflected in our team’s personalities,” K. Vingilis explained the name’s meaning.

Founded in 2014, Shibui Partners brings together an expert community, which offers a spectrum of services ranging from reliable advice to leaders to individualised training, consultations and non-standard presentations to employees.

Shibui’s field of activity is related to human resources training and consultations. Tsunami – presentations for companies and Juodvarnis – group dynamics training with experiential exercises, strengthening team bonds and ability to achieve challenging goals. According to K. Vingilis, all these services will remain on offer, ongoing work will continue, and all contracts will carry over.

In the future, the merger of these brands will allow clients to be offered more flexible long-term programme pricing and non-standard content where management, science and contemporary art knowledge will be combined with psychodynamics and boundary experiences.

Shibui’s team will remain comprised of professionals with experience in various domains: Kęstutis Vingilis, HR specialist (Tavistock Institute of Human Relations); Milda Autukaite, HR specialist (Tavistock Institute of Human Relations); Kęstutis Kilinskas, PhD in war history; keynotes delivered by professor Audrius Beinorius, Indologist; Algimantas Kuras, polar explorer; Dr Jonas Jurkevičius, physicist; Gediminas Grinius, Ultra-Trail World Tour (UTWT) world champion runner, and others.

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