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Published: 26 march 2020 14:00

Taking the quarantine exam: practical tips on communication for business

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Probably the toughest restriction introduced throughout the country last week is to maintain human contact while keeping a few metres distance. (And they say that Lithuanians are cold people.) However, it’s currently an internet connection that might be considered strong.

Strong and powerful in all aspects, since we can communicate and survive during the quarantine. Everyone will definitely have to recover afterwards, yet this period is a real fight for survival for some business sectors. They should now recall the good old saying that a crisis is also an opportunity. In the era of the internet and social networks, digital communication becomes such an opportunity during the crisis. If you are quick, ingenious and fearless, you are very likely not only to overcome this tough period but also to get back on your feet once it is over more quickly. Maybe even gain something.

According to the most recent data, a week prior to the declaration of the emergency situation in Lithuania, the activity of news portal users almost doubled, compared to February. Banner clicks have more than doubled on news portals (55%) and have increased by 26% on Facebook and Instagram.

Such changing user habits are an opportunity for business to focus totally on the target audience. To be in the limelight on news portals and social networks, clearly visible to potential clients, employees or investors, i.e. to enhance their reputation, sell their products, and personalise their offers. Those who operate on the e-shop platform should focus on its technical base and proper functioning of cookies. This will help collect contacts, potential record clients and track the flow which will later transform into real sales.

Another way to make use of digital space during this period is to present your product or service creatively. Publishing house “Vyturys” opened its library of e-books and audiobooks for pupils before the declaration of quarantine, and invitations to join remote sports training, dancing or meditation sessions are the initiatives that increasingly override the flow of virus news on Facebook. For those who get inspired for practical acts while staying at home, for example, changing their interior, the smart house expert JUNG offers to dive into augmented reality and choose a switch by merely using the app.

Virtual global museums are a solution for travel enthusiasts who will have to wait quite a long period of time until they are able to travel again. Even event organisers who were among the first to suffer from these quarantine restrictions are moving to virtual space and offering an extraordinary experience of an event “from home”. These are just a few examples of staying loyal to your existing clients and drawing the attention of potential clients. Think outside the box. If your solution seems to be insane, that’s great! It’s your golden goose.

Expand the range of services or offer new opportunities. The businesses who were only considering e-commerce now have the perfect chance to realise it – physical stores are no longer a viable option. The smartest and bravest (anyways, there is hardly anything now to be afraid of) will be the most successful at selling their products as demand emerges. And not only in the context of the current situation when only food and other essential product physical stores are open, and the provision of many services has been generally discontinued.

The above and similar solutions are not only an alternative to outlive this quarantine period. A more extensive range of products or services, its smarter presentation is an ideal experience for the near future which will bring profit. Still little empathy to those who have missed the e-commerce train or who offer something that cannot be sold virtually, you say? First, there is a lot of rationality instead, which is very helpful in this rather hopeless situation. Second, can’t you sell yourself online? You must have been inattentive when reading the second tip.

While your opponents take care of the above, you just take the chance. During the crisis, the information background, particularly advertising and corporate information, shrinks as saving becomes a higher priority than communication actions. If you thoroughly explore the market, you will certainly be heard and seen. Just offer what the market needs most at this time and in the area that experiences reduced capacities of similar businesses.

Digital communication is of vital importance during quarantine; likewise, a drastic solution to refuse communication totally during the crisis becomes a critical mistake. There are, of course, businesses that suffer from severe constraints due to undertaken quarantine measures and they are forced to revise their expenses and tighten their belts firmly. Yet you should consider the option of optimising costs for communication instead of entirely deleting this budget item.

Unless you would like to start everything from scratch once the pandemic is over, which – believe me – will cost much more than retaining at least minimum communication in order not to be forgotten. Thus, the key tip is to breathe. Yes, this time is at the very least unusual, and nobody knows how long it will last, so it’s nothing bad to sometimes feel like the lyric characters of the song “Mad World”. However, the world keeps going around even under such circumstances. The virus will be contained; we will gain strength over time and will have learnt some lessons. If not generating maximum income, then at least appreciating the possibility to shake hands with a real person before our communication starts.

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