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Published: 6 september 2013 12:40

EU ministers accuse Syrian regime of using chemical weapon, but hold disparate opinions on military response

Juozas Olekas ir Cathy Ashton
eu2013.lt / Juozas Olekas and Catherine Ashton

European Union (EU) ministers have said during a meeting in Vilnius that they have no doubts that the chemical attack in Syria was carried out by the regime of President Bashar al Assad; however, they do not share one opinion on a military response.

After the meeting, Lithuania's Defense Minister Juozas Olekas said that "all countries condemn the use of chemical weapons and think that those behind the attacks should answer."

"There are many signs that the weapons were indeed used by the regime," Olekas told journalists.

"There is no single solution to the matter, which could immediately settle the current situation in Syria, there are different opinions," Olekas.

An EU official has revealed, on a condition of anonymity, that France and Denmark support military intervention, while opinions held by Italy and Spain are more cautious.

"But nobody said they would condemn military action, if there is any," the EU official said.

The United States has called for military action against al Assad's regime, but Russia, which has a veto right at the United Nations (UN) Security Council, objects to the move.

Syria will top the agenda of the meeting of EU foreign ministers due to start in Vilnius on Friday afternoon. US Secretary of State John Kerry is expected to attend the meeting.

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