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Published: 20 september 2013 16:33

Lithuanian President: Ukraine still has to meet conditions to come to Europe

Dalia Grybauskaitė Ukrainoje
Dž.G.Barysaitės nuotr. / Dalia Grybauskaitė in Ukraine

Ukraine must ensure transparent elections, solve the selective justice problem and meet its international commitments to exercise the historic opportunity to be linked with Europe, Lithuania's President Dalia Grybauskaitė has said in the opening of the international Yalta conference on Friday.

"There remain very clear and very specific tasks to do to embed Ukraine in Europe and Europe in Ukraine. You know them very well," said the president.

In her words, Europe is determined to step up cooperation with Ukraine, however, "it will not push Ukraine by force."

"First, there is a need to establish legal guarantees of fair and transparent elections. Second, the creation of level playing field for all political parties, groups and movements is a required attribute of a healthy legal and judicial system. Selective application of laws, unbalanced powers and ambiguity of legal framework are disastrous for a functioning democracy," Grybauskaitė added.

"Third, non-compliance and questioning of the undertaken international commitments lead to distrust. Just like ambiguous business climate and rooted corruption discourages investment, trade and economic development," the Lithuanian president told the conference.

In her words, "nothing is done until finally it's done."

Grybauskaitė noted that "Lithuania, as well as Ukraine and other countries in the region, are facing today - let's be open and frank - sanctions intended to block Ukraine's association with Europe."

"It demonstrates weakness, it is illegal, and it reveals the real face of those who impose sanctions. (...) Ukraine is too big, too strong and too important to allow others to decide its fate," said the Lithuanian leader.

The EU Eastern Partnership summit in Vilnius on November 28-29 is expected to result in signing of the Association and Free Trade Agreement between the EU and Ukraine, as well as initialing of the document by Moldova and Georgia.

Some European politicians demand that Ukrainian ex-PM Yulia Tymoshenko be released by then. The Western world views her imprisonment as selective justice.

Moscow has warned the Eastern Partnership nations that agreements with the EU could affect trade with Russia.

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