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Published: 17 september 2020 12:24

Three Reasons Why Home Interior Matters

Items from ManicoDeco
Items from ManicoDeco

In these times of fast food, fibre optic internet and text messaging, we still want a home that is harmonious, sustainable and long-lasting. You can’t create a home like this by choosing fast-moving items. According to the founders of the ManicoDeco interior space, only high-quality, time-tested interior elements help us create a home that can withstand the pressure of short-term trends.

“The home is an important space for our well-being, quality rest and life creativity. Caught up in the fast pace of life, we have forgotten that. It’s paradoxical, but the COVID-19 pandemic has brought us back into the home and reminded us of its importance,” says ManicoDeco CEO and designer Rytė Masiokienė.

The Home Is a Personal Space Where We Grow

If we feel good and safe at home, we take that feeling with us beyond the home as well. Of course, nothing is more important than the relationships we have at home, but let’s remember the saying “when you are at home, even the walls help”. So in a harmonious interior, it is easier to nurture beautiful ideas and beautiful relationships.

Items from ManicoDeco
Items from ManicoDeco

Quality Interiors Last Longer

Do you remember back when furniture made by talented craftsmen was passed down from generation to generation? We can’t turn back time. However, by purchasing quality decor details from manufacturers with long-standing traditions, we can create an interior that does not get old after barely one season. In this way, we will also learn responsible consumption skills, and will no longer have to look for someone to give away a coffee table to when we get sick of it or it wears out one year later.

An Interior Tailored to Our Needs Makes Life Easier

Many of us have experienced that a sustainable interior requires knowledge. As a result, we are afraid of making decisions or vice versa – we take care of everything ourselves after being disappointed by the help of specialists. In such cases, we are not always happy with the result.

Having experienced these problems first-hand, the founders of the ManicoDeco interior space aim to become your partner in creating an authentic home according to your needs, hobbies and lifestyle. This is a place where you can not only pick out a lovely item, but also consult with experienced specialists. They will enable you to become the creator of your own home with the help of professionals.

The ManicoDeco online store offers a wide assortment of tableware, bedroom textiles, blankets, lamps, small furniture and other interior accessories. Look for our advice on our Facebook or Instagram pages, or by writing to us directly at


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