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Published: 10 june 2013 10:57

255 foreigners not cleared by security department to enter Lithuania in 2012

Nidos pasienio kontrolės punktas
VSAT nuotr. / Nidos pasienio kontrolės punktas

Some 225 out of nearly 50,000 foreigners checked by the Lithuanian State Security Department (SSD) did not receive clearance to enter the country last year.

The department provides the figures in its annual report.

The SSD checked 5,699 foreigners, who had applied for first-time or renewed residence permits, or for protection or asylum, to determine if they posed any threats to national security. Twenty-two of these persons were not cleared.

Some 48,268 foreigners, who had applied for admission to the country or for a visa, were checked to determine if his or her documents were genuine and if he or she could engage in unlawful activities in Lithuania. Some 225 persons were not cleared.

Six out of 594 persons planning to work in a nuclear energy facility were not cleared by the SSD for reliability issues.

Four out of 44 nominees for Lithuanian state awards did not receive clearance from the department.

The SSD checked, in terms of corruption prevention, 934 persons applying for certain positions in the public service and almost 400 persons applying for jobs in the customs system. Nine and three applicants were rejected, respectively, according to the report.

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